Monthly Archives: February 2009

Valentine's Day Weekend

So Holly and I went down to Dayton to visit with her friend Konrad, get her hair did, and while we are down there have a lead meeting with a potential wedding client! Being Valentines day I figured I would check out good ol’ Orbitz to see if there was any fancy hotels for a...

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Wedding in Mountains!

We are just getting back from our super cool weekend in Denver, where i shot a wedding a little east of Vail at the four star Westin Hotel we did lots of stuff in Denver which Holly wanted to write the post about but I wanted to show you some shots from the wedding. I...

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Full time for Ryan!!

Hey everyone! This is Ryan, and I was just thinking about all the blogs I stalk and how impatient I am when they don’t put new posts on every few days! So I guess I can’t really talk since I am pretty bad at keeping this thing going strong. I have a lot of exposure...

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