In the past 2 years I (holly) have personally edited over 37,000 wedding images. I really enjoy editing because of the impact a good edit that has bright colors and beautiful tones has on an image.

So I’ve decided to start offering my personal editing services to other photographers. It can take quite a while to learn how to be a good editor and then once you are, just keeping up with the editing can easily be a full time job. When you consider what your making per wedding and the time it takes you to edit a full wedding set, .60 cents an image isn’t so bad to get your life back. Imagine being able to spend time with your kids again instead of being glued to your desk.

I just so happen to really love my desk. :)

Make sure to watch the videos below to learn more about the process.

1. Fill out this form:
2. Mail your hard drive (I suggest the small western digital passport drives) to:
Holly Gauper
1511 Lake Ave.
Portage, MI 49002
*I suggest not to send a drive with other personal or important information on it as I am not held responsible if something should happen to it in the mail or any malfunctions in may have while in my possession.


*.60 cents per Image
*RAW files only, no jpegs
*250 image minimum

*$1 per image
*RAW files only, no jpegs
*40 image minimum

How To Prepare and Export Your RAW Files:

How To Import Metadata Into Lightroom:

Since all the work is being done personally by me, I cannot take more than 2 weddings a week. However, a typical turn around time for brides is usually are 4-6 weeks. So the sooner you get the files to me the sooner I will put you on the list. To be fair, It will be first come first serve.

May 19, 2011 - 11:55 am

anne spires - hi there! i’m in love with your work! i started out doing wedding photography (have a long way to come) and now doing a lot of portrait stuff. i’m traveling to michigan this weekend for a workshop with Urban Kids Photography. i wondered if you guys offer wedding workshops to show how you work and share some of your secrets to your awesomeness?! thanks so much!

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