45 day Road Trip with the Gaupers?


January 11 – February 22 or March 2- April 13th

So if you didn’t see my picture I put up on facebook with a big map of a roughly planned road trip, I have some exciting possibilities that may be something very cool in the near future! We Gaupers are not so much fans of the wintertimes, but we are fans of traveling and having fun with other cool people and helping them break free from the barriers that prevent them from being creative! Sooo what better option to escape michigan’s never ending gloomy winter? A 45 road trip maybe? Could that be any cooler? I submit that it canNOT. So this is some things I drew up based on you awesome people I know around the country, and all the people that have shown interest in us doing something like this.

As far as how the workshop would be; we are planning on them being pretty small and flexible. With so many locations, we will work with each group of people and find out what they want to get better at and we are happy to spill all the beans. We will hopefully be doing some shooting with some local models or anyone you guys think would be good… We are pretty well rounded between Holly and I. Here are some of our strengths, so you can know for sure if you would benefit from something like this with the Gaupers!

Ryan is good at:

-File management
-Technical Lessons (lens selection and perspective)
-Flash (outdoor on location or challenging receptions.
-Finding high variety locations to shoot
-Dealing with clients
-Tips while shooting / being proficient for the best odds to nail the shot you want.

Holly is good at:

-Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop together.
-Graphic Design / Identity
-Marketing Ideas / ways to stand out – creative thinking
-Working with models

And we are both pretty good with business methods in general, mostly ones that we have learned the hard way.

A good thing about these smaller workshops is that you can really pick our brains and get a lot of personal attention.

- $500 each for 1-2 person workshop
- $400 each for 3-5 person workshop
- 1 day workshop
- meals included
- Schedule: This will vary from each workshop, location and attendees. Plan on it being a full day of awesome. We want to make each workshop unique to those attending.

Here is the very tentative route map.


Day 1 – 344miles – 5.5 hours
Leave from Kalamazoo to Cincinnati.

Day 2 – 277miles – 4.25 hours

Drive to Nashville.

Day 3 – 250miles – 3.5 hours

Drive to Atlanta.

Day 4 – Atlanta workshop

3 Interested

Day 5 – 350miles – 5.5 hours

Drive to Jacksonville

Day 6 – Jacksonville workshop

5 Interested

Day 7 – 285miles – 4.5 hours

Drive to West Palm Beach.

Day 8 – West Palm Beach

Day 9 – West Palm Beach

Day 10 – 330miles – 8 hours

Drive to Miami then Tampa.

Day 11 – 255miles – 6 hours

Drive to Apalachicola National Forest. Camp?

Day 12 – 290miles – 8 hours

Drive down the coast to Mobile

Looks like a pretty cool drive huh?

Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 9.14.16 PM

Day 13 – 149miles – 4 hours

Drive to New Orleans. Avoid highways.

Day 14 – Explore New Orleans

I really see the potential for some amazing photo-adventures here!

Day 15 – 162miles – 5 hours

Drive to Lafayette. Avoid highways. Talk about seeing the real Louisiana in these few days! Maybe we can track someone down and get a fan boat ride!

Screen shot 2009-11-19 at 9.18.48 PM

Day 16 – 159miles – 4.5 hours

Drive to Port Arthur. Avoid Highways

Thank goodness for the route modifier!


Day 17 – 100miles – 2 hours

Drive to Houston

Day 18 – Houston workshop?

1+ Interests

Day 19 – 200miles – 3.25 hours

Drive to Austin. Everyone keeps yackin’ about Austin so I guess we gotta check it out.

Day 20 – Checkout Austin

Drive to Cleburne – 175miles – 3 hours

Day 21 – Chill in Cleburne

Day 22 – Dallas workshop

3+ Interested

Day 23 – 235miles – 3.5 hours

Drive to Oklahoma City

Day 24 – Oklahoma Workshop

4 Interested.

Day 25 – 350miles – 5 hours

Route 66 I am really excited about doing some shooting around here.

Day 26 – 350miles – 5 hours

Route 66 Maybe some amazing long exposures?

Day 27 – 450miles – 8 hours

Drive to Los Vegas. Route 66. Gamble 1$, Cut loses.

Day 28 – Las Vegas

Visit Death Valley National Park. Wear shorts.

Day 29 – 266miles – 4 hours

Drive to Los Angeles.

Day 30 – Los Angeles

Day 31 – Los Angeles Workshop

4 Interested.

Day 32 – 385miles – 6.5 hours

Drive to San Francisco.

Day 33 – San Francisco

Hang out with Hup and Steph.

Day 34 – San Francisco Workshop

5 Interested.

Day 35 – San Francisco

Day 36 – 736miles – 11.5 hours

Drive to Salt Lake City.

Day 37 – Salt Lake City

Day 38 – SLC Workshop

2+ Interested.

Day 39 – 600miles – 11 hours

Drive to Denver.

Day 40 – Denver

Hang out with Family.

Day 41 – Denver workshop

3+ Interested.

Day 42 – 500miles – 8 hours

Drive to Lincoln.

Day 43 – 300miles – 5 hours

Drive to Cedar Rapids.

Day 44 – Iowa Workshop?

2 Interested.

Day 45 – 365miles – 5.5 hours

Drive home! Nap. For a long time.

I got tired just writing all that… It will be a long trip but like I said it’s better then being stuck inside all winter long. We are up for anything on this trip so if you have something to add as far as things we should do on the way, or even if you want to request a city for us to come to (as long as it’s not too far off the path) Let us know!

Now we just gotta find a big ol’ camper!!

Here’s some stats since I enjoy them =)

Approx. 7,515 miles, 132 hours driving, 10 mini possible workshops.

Who’s up for this???!?

November 19, 2009 - 8:36 pm

Heather - i am a big fan of your work, and am excited for your workshops. I donno what kind of hotels you like to stay in but I work for the intercontinental hotel group… here is a discount link if you like the holiday inn, crowne plaza, the intercontinental, or hotel indigo. I am hoping I can make it to your atlanta workshop!

November 20, 2009 - 5:10 am

Ty - Congrats and good luck guys! God Bless and safe travels

November 20, 2009 - 8:18 am

katie - looks like fun! i’m jealous. let me know if you want to stay with us when you’re in cincinnati!

November 20, 2009 - 1:16 pm

Melissa Gregersen - Dang! You guys are ambitious!! =) How fun! Over 7,500 miles?? That will be a great write off for taxes huh! =) I have two weddings booked during that time frame, so I am stuck in Mich. for the Winter. We will have to catch up sometime soon.

November 20, 2009 - 8:23 pm

Michele (Pinkle Toes) - I’m in Austin and would totally dig a mini workshop when you’re in town (lighting, in particular). I’d be happy to help organize things as I can. Just let me know!!!

November 27, 2009 - 8:24 am

Kayli Umbarger - Come out to Big Sky Montana!

The mountains are gorgeous and you guys would have PLENTY to take pictures of. Plus it would be cool to see you two again haha.

February 11, 2010 - 9:08 pm

WendyZ - I am looking to meet up with you in San Fran. I can organize a workshop with some attendees on Day 35 or I can join Day 34 if needed. Please contact me about what to do next. Thank you!

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