All these people got dressed up just for you :)

It seems like most of our couples have 6+ in each side of their wedding party. We have 18 people total here. I find it interesting that as as we get older, the numbers do tend to change. People fresh out of college often have more people since college friends are still close. As we all grow up and move on connections seem to get broken. If I were getting married now instead of 3 years ago, gosh, I’m not really sure who I’d have in my wedding since we just don’t really keep in touch anymore. I feel like it either has to be a life long friend so you always stay in touch or even if you kind of don’t keep in touch anymore, but you have the history or a current newish friend. I could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.

I actually enjoy large wedding parties like this. This wedding, specifically, was really laid back and just trusted us to do our job. There were no crazy bridesmaids freaking out about the dress every 2 seconds or questioning every move we made. Everyone was just easy to work with and happy. So in this case, more is certainly better. More happy people is always more fun and generally more awesome. This group was great.

Last year we decided to make individual portraits of each member of the wedding party a staple shot we always do and I’m glad we did. They are great for album content, and it’s a nice gift for each of the members of the wedding. I don’t think a lot of people have professional photos taken of them all that often, so this is a good opportunity to make that happen.

I’ll have a more complete blog post about this wedding soon. This is just a little sample. :)

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