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This weekend’s wedding had all these things: Shaving, scandalous boudoir album gifts, shouting, loving, porches, Tetris walls, bridges, lines, magic light, spiraling staircases, borrowing shaving cream.

There was $9,238 of lenses, $11,000 in Cameras, $2,000 in lighting and a whole lot more contributed by the couple and their families. It had pillars, beauty, more good light, tilt-shifting, blue skys, happy people, an amazing and kind couple, good food, and goooooood  good photos! I don’t say that lightly either! ;) It even had a point where the whole bridal party jumped in the dang ol’ pool! So we had fun until the security guy from the hotel got teste … get it?

Never thought I would say, “This is going so well” as I did for this wedding. That means a LOT. thegaupers… that’s us! We tend to have some bad luck which means as hard as we try I am nominating us for the hardest working wedding photographers! Whether it takes 1 hour or 4 hours to scout the area pre shoot, we are GOING to find some good spots in good light. Do we get paid for it? Technically no… Although it does make the clients very happy when we take them to a pallet yard and pull magic out of our… pockets.

Anyway my main point is, we needed this one man…This could fight Hope and Even. Our reigning favorite couple for this year. And dont go being so vein and thinking this song is about you. You do don’t you! Just kidding, we realllllly love this year’s clients. I don’t like to dirty my nose, but seriously, we really lucked out with the clients we got and this year has been crazy awesome – mostly in part to you.

Thank you to everyone that has worked with us this year. We are so grateful for the referrals and fans that tell everyone about us. You really don’t realize how much we appreciate that. This is our only source of income for Holly and I people spreading the word helps us to do what we do for the people who really want what we do.

Keep up the comments on the blog! Ya know, google likes when you link sites to your site or even when you leave a website in your comment. Google knows and it likes when we do that! ;)

Ok I kind of got on a tangent so here is a sweet sweet slow mo for your eyes to feast upon.

September 2, 2010 - 11:21 pm

Brandon Hoekstra - This is Gangsta!!!! Nice work, I want the still shot at the end of this!

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