Ashley [and some Alex] :: Seniors

Even though we are terrible at marketing, people still seem to hear about us. Hopefully because we do good work for our clients and are kind to them! =) Anyway, I’m not sure how we got Alex, but her mom e-mailed us saying she wasn’t happy with the senior pictures she had and showed me one. So I took it into lightroom and gave it some TLC. Naturally it looked better so, trying to make them feel better I offered to edit a few of their favorites if they didn’t want to do a whole ‘nother session. (for a small fee of course-not working for free folks!) ;) Not sure if that helped me book a session with her but she ended up being one of our favorite seniors that year! Bonus!

Actually now that I think about it, Alex’s mom helped get us Angela & Brandon‘s wedding which is in a couple weeks! Sweet thanks!

Since I didn’t do a post for her last year, check out a few good ones from the session.

Who can forget this one? AWEsome.

The timing was perfect for good leaves (since the next week the wall was bare) So we had to have some more fun in them… right before we get a chance the steeple bell rings LOUD, freaking Alex out as you can see! It didn’t take her long to continue having fun. =)

One of our favorite images EVER. Had to go to a school bus graveyard to get it!

Since she’s a dancer naturally we had to end with a “dancer” jump.

Ashley had a lot to live up to but proved to be just as photogenic as Alex! That matched with our ever good…ening skills, it was a good one!

That being said we started in this little nook to get warmed up. We wanted to go down by this bridge but as I went to get out of the car, Holly said “Don’t go down there, there’s a NAKED guy down there! We avoided him and whatdayaknow? There he is… invading our lives again!

Luckily we found some new top-secret spots ;)

Ashley was VERRy serious ….. until she wasn’t.

Yeah yeah… I know we are doing a lot of “nature” which CAN be sweet… but it’s gotta be the right nature and the right light. I actually tested out an on the spot theory about backlighting the dark leaves and using natural light for her face. I think it looks AWEsome.

That’s all folks! Check back soon for our next senior Peter. (He’s pretty great and his mom is cool too!)

August 18, 2010 - 10:59 am

JAYME - Wow… those are fantastic. Love that leaf wall!

August 25, 2010 - 12:18 pm

Steve - Dude, this set is all types of rad. I love that 2nd image with all the golden leaves behind her. Bam!

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