Audrey & Nick – 6.25.11 – Charlevoix Michigan Wedding Photographer

We trekked it up to Charlevoix Michigan for Audrey & Nick’s wedding. They were married at Castle Farms which I guess is the like THE place to get hitched around there since there were like 6 other weddings going on at the same time. That place is one well oiled machine that’s for sure. While we were there, I saw 3 other weddings happen in the same ceremony site as theirs. There are also a few other places on the property as well so I can just assume it was at least 6 or so happening. Thumbs up to them for making everything run so smoothly!

We had never met Audrey or Nick prior which has been happening more often lately since we do a lot of out of town weddings. Lucky for us, they were super laid back and fun. Audrey was completely at ease about her dress and her bridesmaids were willing to do pretty much anything. From the photos, I assume the guys were cool too. I don’t spend a lot of time with the mens and Ryan doesn’t write a lot of blog posts so I guess thats all I have to say about that.

Her Maggie Sottero dress was STUNNING. I just adore the shape of it, the little flowers, the tulle, it was just magical.

Typically the first time I see the groomsmen’s photos is when I am editing so it’s always fun for me to see what shenanigans happened with Ryan. I thought this BOOM was super cute.
FAVORITE groomsmen photo! 
I love that the little boy is laying down, hahaa
I think it’s hilarious when a group of white girls act ghetto. This never gets old for me. Of course, you can to commit to this for it to be funny, which they did. :) 
Oh my word, the little blonde one on the left was HILARIOUS. When she had the idea to leap I was all for it. Someone did catch her even though it really doesn’t look like anyone is planning on it in this photo. :) 
Speaking of the little blonde as I like to call her…. I’m not sure how these things happened, they just sort of…happened. 
We take formal “pretty” pictures, but one of my staple shots is always crazy faces. I like to show a broad range of emotions, you know. :)
Before the rest of the girls were ready, since bridesmaids always take a long time if there are a lot of them, I took Audrey outside for some bride only shots and I’m so glad I did. These turned out beautiful!
These little girls were so adorable. I just love the bows in the back of their dresses. Flower girl dresses are just crazy cute to me for some reason. I would wear things like this just to go grocery shopping. Simple and whimsical, enough said.
We found this cool outside theatre thing in downtown Charlevoix. I felt really awkward talking and working on posing this because I kept standing in the perfect spot for my voice to amplify and echo from it. I tend to say weird things so thank goodness there wasn’t a lot of people around. :)
I’m doing this shot for everyone now. It’s my new favorite. Gosh I’d kill to have a shot like this with ryan! 
They had this huge chess set at castle farms which I’m sure everyone must get their photo taken with so I was trying to do something different and I’m really quite pleased with it. It could be one of my favorites. It looks to me like they all joined up as one army and are plotting something…

One of my favorite bride and groom shots of the day. It’s moments like this where Ryan and I just become one brain and make magical things. I had the idea that I wanted them to have a spotlight and for it to be moody and mystical. Ryan has the technical skill to make this happen. Gah! I love it! 

I would kill for some of those pretzels right now. SUGAR! 
Scratch that, I’d rather have the cake right now. Mmmm

We had such a great day with you guys! I hope you love the photos :)

If you’d like to see more from their wedding, check out their album design:
DJ- Sound Productions – Jim Paetschow
Caterer- Grey Gables

Event Coordinator- Sarah Hagen
Photography: GAUPERphoto

Hair Stylist- Emily Hilgendorf
Florist- Marvin’s Gardens
Pastor- Jim Nihiser
Wedding Dress Designer- Maggie Sottero
Shoe Designer- Vera Wang

August 9, 2011 - 9:33 am

Brooke Summer Photography - Oh my gosh I think that is the most fun I’ve ever seen in wedding party pictures! I love love love the photos of the wedding party, that’s awesome! :)

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