The Parsons – Baby Dexter // Kalamazoo Family Newborn Photographer

The last time you saw Dexter he was in the womb. If you missed that post, you can jump over here to catch up. PARSONS MATERNITY

Well he is now out in the world with the rest of us and we are happy he is here! Kim might be the most happy as she was really running out of space should he have decided to stay and grow for a few more weeks. :)

I think it’s official that I love black and white photos. It’s a tough balance for me because I also embrace color so much. I wanted to do this whole post in black and white but just couldn’t handle it. I’m still taking baby steps. :) Thus, I figure half and half is appropriate. It’s so interesting how different the vibe is from color to black and white.

haha oh this one is one of my favorites. I would love to know what he is thinking. However, he was under a week old at the time so really, what could he possibly be conspiring. Perhaps he had to poop. 

…and after a long dang of being handsome, Dexter made sure everyone knew he had enough! haha. I absolutely love his cry face. It’s sad that he is upset of course, but c’mon, it’s still adorable. Smiley memories are not the only precious ones. :)

January 19, 2012 - 8:26 am

laura zastrow - oh, these are lovely! all of them are! my favorite, though, is the one shot through the lens. i had to do a double take! (wait, that image should be upside down! (: )

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