Break Free Workshop: Dates & Info!

This has been a long time coming! We finally finished all of our 2009 work and now have the time to give our attention to our upcoming road trip and workshops!

We just put up all the information for them on a website which as a more detailed PDF you can download as well. All the links, prices, dates and a map are available there.

Click on the image or just go to to view everything. It is coming up fast and we are only allowing 5 people per workshop so if you want to fill a spot be sure to email us as soon as you can!

Each workshop is being customized for those attending. We will be in contact with you so we can focus mainly on your areas of interest or things you struggle with.

Unfortunately we are going to need to cut of a good sized leg of the original trip so a couple of the big cities are going to get missed this time, sorry guys!! BUT I still want you guys to tell me who is interested because you never know if we get a free weekend we may just come down there just for you! And if not don’t worry we want to make it to more of the east side of the country soon so hold tight.

The main reason we had to do that is for one, it was just a little too much planning, and not enough time. We have learned this year to not overextend ourselves. However, please let us know if you are interested and your state is not one of our 5 that we are stopping at. We may throw in a few more dates if the interest is there!

Another reason was we got an opportunity to visit my mom in China! She has been living over there since last august so we have really been wanting to get over there and visit with her, as well as start on the photojournalism photo-books that we have been wanting to do for so long. I had been talking to her about giving her and the people she works with a better way to show those back home what they are doing over there. This is crucial when they are back in the states trying to raise support and get people on board with their vision. So we have been in contact with her organization she is under; the Jian Hua Foundation. We will be flying around China for 10 days with another couple specializing in video to mix with our photography for this project. So after that we are going to do a little extra curricular traveling with my mom and maybe visit Hong Kong and some southern regions! Which is good since they dont have heat near beijing after march or so. =)

Since we are going to be flying right by hawaii…I figured it would be a shame not to take a well deserved vacation after pushing for so long and so hard! Can ya blame us?

Plus I have some YWAM friends that I would really love to catch up with. I really miss hawaii…. We are so blessed to be able to do that!

So that is where the gap in time is coming from … we will be flying out from SFO and then when we get back we will do a couple more workshops,  ….. and then we shall go have a sleep.

The next week, wedding season starts!! yaaaaaaay hah. :) We are actually really excited for a new year to do everything better than the last so I think this years weddings are going to be a lot of fun.

We can’t wait to hang out with all you guys! It’s going to be amazing!!

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