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Do you love each other…and a good deal? :)

If you won’t be scheduling your session until after the 14th and would like to have something to give feel free to use this pre-made card from us! If you have kids and would like to include them in your session, it is $25 per child. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop...

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Denver :: attempted muggings and a workshop!

Not a huge post but I figured these images are worth seeing and the story of how we got them is worth telling! The scene starts in Denver the day after rigerous scouting as always… We found a sweet Tim Burton wall to start with a great couple we found at the last minute. So...

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Dirt don’t hurt push! :: (trash the dress)

Hey Guys! We have been trying to work our way into the “Trash the Dress” but to Gauperize it a little bit we are calling it a “dirt don’t hurt” shoot. Mainly because you don’t have to completely trash your dress to have another shoot in it! You can trash it if you want, but the...

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Bride and Groom RE-dos :: theGAUPERS :: by McVay Vision


Soooo I was just writing a post about how we don’t get through a whole wedding without someone telling us, “I wish we could re-do our wedding and have you guys as the photographers!” And then when I said you CAN re-do them, we did! See? At which point I would make that a link...

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Hupfer :: {dirt don’t hurt} + questionable video… :)

Remember the hupfers? We shot their wedding last August and it was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. When we planned out this big 3 month trip we knew we wanted to see san francisco and to visit with the hupfers so we planned to stay a few days there and trash...

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