Caught with their pants down… {hupfer wedding}

The 2009 wedding season was full of diversity for us. We have had  people who were very calm with a very elegant, beautiful, classic style to their wedding all the way to crazy people who had a extremely laid back fun style and everything in between. We love the variety and how our style fits in with such different kinds of people. The crazy fun people are usually more up for how we shoot and trust us a little easier but I have noticed that the more classic people, although sometimes hesitant, have been really happy with what we have done once they actually see the pictures. So it is cool to be able to do what we do and make it work for all these different people.

The Hupfer wedding was by far the most interesting of the year. We really didn’t know what to expect…ever. So, we just kept shooting because there was always something happening. I have finally caught up on my editing to get to their wedding and as I have been going through it I realized they were not fully clothed for many parts of the wedding day. Thus, it felt like it would be a great blog post. :)

I was not around for all of this pants-off time since I was with the girls thankfully as that would be extremely awkward.  I think its great that they didn’t take themselves too seriously though. It makes for much more interesting photos.


I have no idea why the pants are off here….


The reception was nuts. I’m sure we will be doing a post just about that later but for now…fishnet shirts for all!


Ryan and Steph also have their own blog following their super random life out in San Francisco. They also have a super cute pug named frank…and really, thats enough reason to read the blog all in itself.

The hupfer wedding was not the only one to moon us this year either (what are the odds?). I guess someone spilled something on him so since he was taking his shirt off, why not the pants, right? I personally find the lady in the bottom right picture hilarious…is she really trying to spank him? Sure looks like it!


April 25, 2010 - 12:16 am

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