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I have not been photographing many baby girls lately so when Tara told me she was having a girl I was pretty pumped. Chloe was so calm throughout the whole session. I couldn’t believe how easy it all was really. It was an amazing day, their house was such a great place to shoot in with lots of awesome light and was just generally a lovely afternoon.

Tara had emailed me a little while ago about maternity photos but since she was on bed rest, that would be hard to make happen. Instead, we planned for family newborn photos. Tara is the owner of The Fitness Loft in Battle Creek and I’m going to be letting her kick my butt and get in shape soon. I’ve never exercised and I don’t think my body knows what that feels like so this will be interesting. After a year of healthy eating, I’m shocked at how different I feel so I think this will be a pretty awesome experience.

Anyways – moving on to super cute, super tiny baby Chloe! :)

These little boots are just to die for! I say little, but really they were GIANT on Chloe, haha. Someday soon, she will be the cutest kid around in these little fur balls. 
Ok so there are a few photos of the puppies in here… I just couldn’t resist! They were so cute and this little one was especially loving. 
Ooooh my goodness, I love happy babies! 
It’s so crazy to see how tiny her little legs and feet are compared to her Dad’s arm. 
At first, I thought this was a clever idea with the lamp. Then, I realized it might look like it’s cooking her…. then once I got it edited I thought it might be cool again…. so I’m really kind of undecided. hahaha
Chloe is making a little kissy face! Talk about really awesome timing, hahaha
The last two here are possibly my favorites. I am just nuts about the black and white one and the other one is just so peaceful and lovely. This is why I love shooting family newborn sessions so much. Outside of a wedding, they are the longest sessions I shoot but the photos are so worth all the extra time. 

April 29, 2012 - 12:58 pm

Stephanie Callaghan Smith - So super cute!

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