Dave + Lacey // Kalamazoo Maternity Photography

Although I love all the families and new babies I’ve been working with lately, this one is special because it’s my brother and sister in law, Dave and Lacey!  ….and womb Hudson. :)

Unfortunately, Lacey isn’t pregnant when it’s all sunny and lovely out as we are in the middle of winter. It has been such a light winter this year but it was still absolutely freezing so we were inside for most of the session. There wasn’t any heat in the building and was almost as cold as outside but didn’t have the bite of the wind and such which makes a huge difference. However, it should be warm and pretty for Hudson’s 3 month session so it all works out. :)

I’m super excited about these photos and even more excited for when he is finally here. It really could be any day now. It’s been amazing to see her at each stage of pregnancy since I’ve been doing her progression photos since week 15. I even saw him move. This may seem like nothing to most of you, but I have not been around babies or pregnant women much in my life and I’ve never actually seen one move while in the womb. It seemed like he didn’t just push out or move a little but like he was doing a backflip, it was crazy. I officially believe there is a baby in there, haha.

I think learning about pregnancy and babies has been one of the most fun parts of shooting maternity and newborn photos. I know, I say that with every post but I’m just super fascinated and addicted to knowledge. God choosing to have humans grow inside of other humans is pretty crazy and impressive.

Hudson isn’t even born yet but I’m positive he will be awesome because Lacey and Dave are awesome and I think it’s genetic. :)

This is Rufus. I still have my stuffed monkey I got when I was little and if Rufus gets even half the love that my coco has gotten, he has a happy life ahead of him. :) 
Yes, Dave plays the ukulele. I very much appreciate what a weird sort of guy he is. I absolutely cannot wait until Hudson learns how to play it, especially when he is the perfect size for that to look like a full guitar. YES!!
The ukulele is both romantic and hardcore. Seriously impressive. :) 

Happy, weird people are the best. The photo on the left haunts my dreams though. Not sure how I feel about that. hahaa
It’s unfortunate there is no reference to being pregnant but I don’t care, it’s one of my all time favorite photos. It should their personalities perfectly. 
We did brave the cold for about 10 minutes. I figured we would all regret it if we didn’t do some outside photos with that super cute coat of hers. 
…and to end things, another one of Dave….just being Dave. I think hudson has a very fun life ahead of him. :)

Ok, now that the maternity photos are done, I’m ready for you to have him Lacey….so feel free to go into labor anytime now. :)
February 17, 2012 - 2:34 pm

katie - love them all. lacey has great style. you will be an awesome aunt, holly!

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