Dear Wedding Clients…

Dear all wedding clients,

If we have already shot your wedding and you are waiting for all your photos to be finished, please be patient. We have a wedding this weekend that we are leaving tomorrow for and another next weekend. After that, we don’t shoot anymore until november. Thus, we have most of october to work our tails off and hopefully get most of you done. This isn’t a promise that your wedding will be done since things do happen but I want you to know thats at least our goal. We have been doing a lot of traveling which has cut down on the time I can spend at home editing and I’m trying to keep the stress low for the sake of being healthy.

So far, we are not behind on our 6-12 week turnaround, I just have been delivering insanely fast for most of the season until now. I tried to keep up since I REALLY love october and wanted to not be working like crazy through it, but some things are just impossible. So we are on standard delivery time now and I really appreciate everyone’s patience. :) It will be worth it!

Just know that we are working as hard as we can and don’t want to rush through anything since every wedding is important. I don’t want to do sloppy work just to get them back to everyone before our turnaround time even starts.

Thank you for your patience!

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