DeYoung Family Fund…100 donations of $100 in 2 weeks

I don’t personally know this family, and really, I don’t need to. Reading about what they are going through is enough to break your heart.

Lisa Ruff, a photographer in grand rapids posted this earlier today on facebook and it just really got to me.

Meet Lola

The DeYoung Family has an Amazing Story. Matt and Lindsey and their sweet

daughters, Lola and Kia, packed up their comfortable life here in the
States and moved to Tanzania, Africa in the small town of Mumba to fulfill the desire in their hearts
to help in any way that God needed. Lindsey is a professional photographer and has used her talents
to serve and educate in Africa before, but now their family felt led to serve specifically
giving back in orphanages in Africa and aiding community members in small business development.

They essentially sold all of their possessions, rented out their home to
missionaries, and trusted God would guide them. Today they are choosing
to remain joyful & faithful in the midst of pain….

Last week we heard from Lindsey via Facebook that the DeYoung family was flying home
unexpectedly as little Lola (5 yrs. old) was ill. They flew to the States
with just the clothes on their backs(which were summer clothes…a bit
chilly for temps here in MI!:) They immediately took Lola to Helen Devos
Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI and found out that their sweet baby girl has Luekemia.

As you can imagine this is each and every parents worst fear. Their whole
life has been flipped upside down and they are faced with some big
changes. They are in need of a car, housing, clothing, and unforseen
expenses for Lola. This is where YOU come in…

We are challenging everyone to meet a goal:

100 donors of $100 dollars!

Due to the immediate need we are hoping to raise this amount in by March 4th!
*Of course you may also give larger or smaller quantities, as well.

This is completely attainable…we just know it:) and although the
DeYoung family would never ask for this on their own…they have SO many
people who love them and want to help and do not know how.

**It’s super easy – an this fund goes straight to them!!!

This kind gesture will hopefully give them some small amount of relief
amidst this most difficult time. Your generous hearts will forever be
grateful by this Amazing Family!

Please give back today!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love
him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)


After reading that I couldn’t help but think of that in a personal way. I’ve had to move more times that I would have liked in a very short amount of time and it’s so ridiculously stressful. I’ve also had to start over a few times and thats just a miserable process too. It’s stressful to have nothing and when you don’t have the basic necessities, everything is made difficult and uncomfortable. To immediately leave the home they had to come back and start a whole new path in life…well, I can’t even imagine what that must be like. They were not planning for this, it just happened.

To add to the stress of all that change and everything happening so fast, having a sick child and having to watch her go through all of this is just unbearable to think about. Just dealing with that is unimaginable let alone with all the burden of starting over.

If this were me, and friends and strangers all chipped in to raise $10,000 to help me and my family, that would change my life and I’d never forget that. It’s so easy to be burned by people and have bad things happen and get bitter but it’s things like this that can restore your faith in the goodness of strangers.

I don’t go shopping very often since money is tight for us right now but I spent $94 at ikea yesterday. So I figure if I could justify spending that there, I can most certainly give $100 to this family.

As of 10pm tonight they have raised almost $4,000 and thats just from today. So really, think about it, read their blog and if you can give anything, even if it isn’t $100, please do. A lot of people giving even just a little can do a lot.

Their blog:

Facebook Event:

Where you can Donate:

UPDATE – February 22nd: 4 days after Lisa started this, the $10,000 goal was met! Psh…who needs 2 weeks! It’s really amazing how around 130 people were able to raise that in such a short time. If you would like to help still I believe she extended the chipin thing on their donation page which will run until march 4th.

February 19, 2011 - 3:14 am

Hilary - Aw.. I just forwarded this to my dad who works at FOX17 News in Grand Rapids hoping that maybe they can get the story out there.

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