Eve is here!! {{new puppy}}

post by: holly

Last week she arrived! My brother has had Rebel for years and he is getting old now. Rebel is a golden retriever. Eve is his new little sister and she is a golden doodle, half golden retriever and half poodle.

She seems so smart and she just loves to cuddle. I instantly fell madly in love with her and it was so hard to leave. I went back to muskegon just for the day to take some photos of her.

{{She already has a little bear friend she likes to chew on}}

{{Sooo cute, I think they have already bonded}}

{{I KNOW we already bonded. :) She layed on my lap and slept for hours.}}

{{BEHOLD! …a puppy}}

{{My brother Craig, and eve}}}

{{Gotta have an upshot, of course}}

I really hope to be able to visit again soon to love her some more. Hopefully, someday when Ryan and I can get a house and settle down we can get a puppy. I told him we need to get a puppy before we have babies…hah it is kind of like a baby, just fluffier.

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