Gabbi & Tom // Kalamazoo Engagement Photographer

Gabbi is one of my favorites. She is bubbly and simply infectious. It’s interesting to me how words can be used so many different ways. For example, what might she be infectious with? There are lots of horrible things and that’s typically what your mind goes to. However, in this situation she is just infectious with happiness. She is super smiley and laughs a lot and just a joy to be around. I am so super excited to shoot their wedding this fall not only to give them great images but for selfish reasons as well. I know I’m going to have a ton of fun so i’m just anxiously awaiting september 24th for all the goodness to begin.

Oh, and there’s Tom. I don’t know much about Tom but what is there to know. It’s pretty darn obvious he is crazy about Gabbi and thats all I need to know for now. :)

I have spent soo long emailing back and forth with her about this engagement shoot it’s ridiculous. We just had this moment where pinterest and all the goodness it gives to the world was the only important thing in life. We pinned so many great dresses for her to wear for the shoot. Most of which were fancy designers and way expensive, but a girl can dream. It was a lot of fun. She ended up with this super cute white on white polka dot dress. I keep a bag of extra jewelry in my trunk for shoots just in case something is missing and I’m glad I did. I think the necklace pulls that outfit together so well. I just adore it.

They also purchased a wedding logo from me as well. You can see it here: I just got her wedding invitation recently and it’s so adorable. I’m so proud of how she put it all together and how she used the logo! I’ll be posting about that soon.

Thank goodness they have good laughing faces. I think thats going to happen a lot on the wedding day too :)

Oh and this dress is just crazy adorable. I want one REAL BAD. 
One on my favorites. :)
Oh hey! Another one of my favorites. It’s hard to get them both doing a more calm look at the same time and this one just happened perfectly. 
We randomly found all these orange flowers a couple days before their engagement shoot and they didn’t last long so it was absolutely perfect timing to get them. I love it! 
Oh boyyyy look at this! One of my favorite rings. I love the double band, the square setting but with a round diamond. It’s perfect. My simple words do no accurately describe how excited I am to spend some quality time with this ring on their wedding day. I am going to make this sucker SPARKLE until it blinds someone. Temporarily. I don’t want to ruin lives over sparkle. :)
haha oh how I adore clients with personalities. :)

This is only the beginning of twirling. I have visions of her twirling on the wedding day. I want everyone to twirl. ALWAYS. My twirling photo is my favorite wedding photo by far. 

I had visions of getting them all the way up this broken tree but it wasn’t stable enough. We like to go all out for great photos but the goal is not to kill anyone, so we went with plan B which turned out great too.

We had so much fun with you guys and I’m just so darn excited for you two kids to get hitched!!! September isn’t far away now!
August 23, 2011 - 6:10 am

Brooke Summer Photography - Twirling!!! How fun. :)

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