Hello Winter

Every time summer comes around, I get so wrapped up in the tank tops, sunshine, and being coatless outside. I shut out winter completely. I simply forget it ever existed. I can’t seem to remember what feeling cold is actually like anymore. I even forget the smell of winter.

Well, just as quickly as summer comes, it goes and winter is upon us again. All the memories of summer swiftly fade away and my world is consumed by frigid weather. I have already forgotten what the sun feels like. I’ve forgotten it all.

I thought all of the fresh snow was interesting since signs of fall were still lingering.

As much as I hate winter, I’m grateful I have heat in my house, electricity and the internet. I may not have a lot in my life, but I’ve got enough. I won’t be freezing this winter and I won’t go hungry so no complaints here. There are some great things about winter that cannot be forgotten. 5 months from now, the sun shall return and I will be extra super grateful for that. What I hate most about winter is all the crazy people driving when they shouldn’t be. There are WAY too many people dying each year because of bad road conditions. Please stay in your homes! Odds are you are not headed out to do anything that important and staying home is a better idea. This is actually one of the reasons I work so hard to stay self employed. I am not a good driver in any season. Women drivers, no survivors! That would be me.

I’m also dreaming up some really great winter shoots since my season is now ending. The off season is such an awesome time to do work that is creatively driven, not client driven. So keep an eye out for those. :) Many new things coming over the next 6 months.

December 17, 2011 - 3:51 pm

Steve Elmer - It look so darn cold… I kinda wish that I was there as it is soooo hot here :P

December 17, 2011 - 5:18 pm

Holly - bla bla bla, It’s always warm and sunny… poooor me

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