Holly’s early flanker

So if you didn’t know, for some reason Holly likes these things called diamonds. If she didn’t know they are freaking expensive. It doesn’t help when she gets to spend time taking glorious pictures of all our brides big ol’ stones, though she does enjoy it thoroughly! I guess I just don’t get it, but that comes with the territory of being a man.

That being said, even though I don’t get it, I do get the fact that she goes crazy for them :)

She has been pulling on my sleeve to get me to “flank” her existing wedding band since, well, she got it. I have always told her no or maybe in a few years for a big anniversary. I have been reenforcing this decision for a while now so it really worked for the surprise factor this Christmas!

I really was planning on sticking to it too… This year has been tough to say the least. This gift isn’t to say that we have money spilling out of our pockets, it’s my way of saying yes we could use this money in a lot of different ways right now but… Holly has worked harder and sacrificed more for people then I thought was humanly possible. Even if she has been treated like crap or been taken advantage of she still puts the effort forth because she knows it’s the right thing to do.

What I am getting at is if anyone deserves something like this it is Holly. It’s more then I feel like I should have spent but I would rather work harder to give make her happy then to make her wait another few years until we could really “afford” it.

I am not very good at sharing my feelings, and even this explanation I feel like is not telling the whole story of my love and admiration for her integrity and dedication.

Holly is the most loyal friend anyone could have and I feel sorry for the people that write her off without giving her a chance. She is the reason this business is great, she is the reason I am what I am.

After all since we are together all the time if you think about how much time a normal couple spends together in a year this would be the same as someone with ten years under their belt!

I love her. All of her. I hope the flank makes up for my expression inadequacies. Merry Christmas :)

(images by Holly)

January 31, 2011 - 6:02 am

katie - this is really pretty! nice job ryan! holly – i agree, you are an incredible girl and worth every penny!

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