JOEL+CARLY :: Battle Creek Wedding

I find blogging weddings to be a very daunting task. It’s hard to really tell the story of the day in blog form for me. I much prefer to do that in my album designs. There is more room and it can really include everything of the day. Thus, I’ve given up trying to cover the whole day in a blog post. So, these are some of my personal favorites.. I’m also not going to do them in order either. I’m being a rebel today. :)

First, meet Joel and Carly. Apparently he has had his eye on her since middle school. How sweet is that? I kind of just assume those types of things only happen in lifetime movies. 

I took some of my favorite ring (and earring!) shots ever. I know I say that a lot, but I am just crazy about these shots. I’ll be honest, my special alone time with the jewelry is one of my favorite parts of the day, haha. There are a lot of ring shots for a blog, I know, but I can’t help myself!!

Oh my word, I loved her shoes! You can put a bow on anything and I’ll love it.

There are a ton of bride shots too because I simply couldn’t pick any less and we shot more of them than usual as well. Then again, how could we not? Carly is GORGEOUS! She photographs so well and I figure it’s only right to post a ton of them. :)

I feel like batman should be lurking up on top of one of those buildings. Lurk…thats what he does, right?

Oh my goodness, I love these two photos so much. I love how much they both committed to the idea!! I just love our clients so much when they are able to have fun with us!

This little guy was just so adorable in his sweater vest and bow tie! Like I said, I’m just crazy about bows :)

The church was packed! There were even people standing in the back.

I absolutely ADORE this spot we shot at for bride and groom photos in Battle Creek.
Ryan just drives me crazy sometimes with the awesome shots he takes.

We had such a great time at their wedding and they were just wonderful people to work with! I’m so excited for the rest of the weddings this year!

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