Justin & Amanda // Cleburne Texas

This was my first time shooting a wedding in Texas. The people who live there say the weather isn’t so hot…yet. However, I was almost delirious from the heat. I’m not sure how all the guys in suits didn’t actually die, so…well done men :)

Thankfully, the brides dressing room was air conditioned so it was a lovely oasis.

It was a really laid back day and everything fit in really well with that cool barn. The food was incredible as well. However, I did come to find out the next day that the AMAZING green beans I was gobbling down were cooked with like a million pounds of butter and bacon grease. With how sensitive my stomach is these days, I think it’s a miracle from God himself that I didn’t get sick because I ate a lot of them, haha. They were probably the best green beans of my life.

Anyways, there are a lot of photos here so I hope you all enjoy them!

Better as a hat or as a tutu? I’m on the fence. :)
hahah I couldn’t resist putting these 2 photos together! 
This could be my favorite image of the whole day. 
This cake… oh my goodness. Ryan forced me to stop eating it. I know that was the right choice so I don’t get sick…but I just wanted a taste. Then, when it turned out the taste was SO GOOD how could I stop? It was very difficult, thats how. I talk a lot about food lately. I just miss all the tasty kinds of it. 
Many great new posts are to come. I’ve been everywhere over the past 2 months and have not had time to blog very much but I’ve got at least 3 really awesome posts coming soon! :)

May 11, 2012 - 6:48 pm

Rachel - Stunning!

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