Justin+Beth :: 5.15.10 :: They got the LOVE

Justin and Beth are one of our favorite couples of a pretty darn good 2010 lineup. And I am not just saying that to sound good, they are both just really awesome people. Beth is basically our best bride ever, period. We are going to do a whole blog on why, but she’s just really cool basically! =) Annnyway they had a really fun wedding and we are really happy things turned out so well (especially with a very stressful logistical trolly problem the day before!) Anyway let me show you some goodness that is their wedding day!

Remember how I said Beth was great? Well meet one of our nicest M>O>Bs! She was just having so much fun being airbrushed, you couldn’t help inherit some of her good mood!
Blang blaaang
Got this shot in the 6 minutes (literally) I had before Justin walked in. If I were one to toot my own horn I’d say that’s not too bad!
I’d like to think Jesus is a fan of both Beth and us (He love’s the sport our T-shirts) So I am thinking he helped us out so Beth could have the wedding she always wanted after ALL the planning she did. She is always commenting on our work and is always so excited when we talk to her about photography so we were exceedingly happy that we could give her some good images. =)
Justin is a biker dude. He does have a soft side though. =) He loves Beth. a LOT. You can just tell. He of course gave many gifts and lovie letters to her on the wedding day, but what I didn’t expect was him giving all her girls these real pearl bracelets AND necklaces. That’s a pretty cool dude… going the extra mile to let you know he cares about you… He’s got a big biker heart I tell you what! (In my best Hank Hill voice)
Speaking of cute kids, I love following kids around at weddings… (usually when I say that to people at weddings an explanation is recommended) They always do great things, and they aren’t worried about looking bad in pictures so they just have fun! Everyone should be so carefree and our jobs would be 100x easier! These little ones didn’t disappoint.
One thing Port Huron does have is a really amazing bridge (going to Canada) that makes for some very interesting images for line seekers such as ourselves! You will see some more later.
Beth likes to have FUN! She works hard and plays hard… Did I mention she has a hog as well? She’s also on a boat… don’t you ever forget… Just thought I’d throw it out there =)
I’ll tell ya, I love it when people get into this. It’s kinda been Holly’s trademark method to get the girls loosened up. When you don’t take yourself too seriously you have a LOT more fun!
As the title notes: They got the LOVE
You know what the difference between you and her is? She makes that crap-hole look GOOD. Since Holly informs me not everyone remembers movie quotes, click this link to cure your blank stare.
Usually we aren’t ones to seek out the water but our best client really wanted it and we were happy to ablidge … wait how do you even spell that? Anyway, of course we  were going to have to “Gauperize” it a little bit! ;)
[Plus] there was THIS right behind it!
They didn’t get all that messy but still this just makes me smile!  =) See?
Let the debauchery commence!

Heeey what’s that?

There was much “getting low” and whatnot. =)

And holy COW awesome.

Enough said… Stay tuned for the next wedding. We got some doozies on deck!

July 22, 2010 - 4:19 am

katie - fun pictures! looks like a great day!

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