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I wanted to blog every day of this trip but my goodness that just has not worked out for me. So I am gonna go back a few days.

After we left Austin we went up to dallas for 6 days and stayed with our friends Don and Karen Hunt. They didn’t have internet at their house so we had to go other places to find some which just made keeping up with the blog really hard. They live out in Cleburne which is just a small town but it is full of such awesome people. I have been there twice now and every time I just enjoy the people there so much. Texas is just the best. We did a short family session for them to thank them for letting us stay there and I’ll be posting about that next but here is a little preview. :)

Friday Morning: 9am – 11am was a couple of the best hours of my life. It is awesome to know people who are connected to such awesome people as Shannon. She is the queen of the theatre in Cleburne. She let us look through this big warehouse of all their clothes for the theater. We got to pick out the most awesome vintage dresses and accessories. My heart just nearly exploded with joy looking at all the amazing stuff. I didn’t think it would be as awesome as it was so I didn’t take my camera but luckily while I was nearly fainting from all the options Ryan got a picture of just a small part of one of the sections with his iphone. We spent two hours going through stuff and walked away with some great dresses.

SAD side note: We didn’t have enough time shooting in the workshop to use a few of the outfits we had with us… boo. Hopefully the next time we are in Cleburne we can do another shoot with Kamille (our model) and use up some of the other glorious things in there.

As we were getting ready to leave Shannon found a box someone had just donated of vintage glasses and it was amazing. There were so many cool frames in there that were in nearly perfect condition! We found these coke bottle glasses and I think they look great on us. Thank goodness we always have our phones on us when we forget our regular cameras!

So, thank you so much to Shannon for letting us use the awesome awesome clothes! They made the shoot so much fun!


The workshop. Whew! It was a long day! We started at 10am and went until about 9pm. To start the day off right, let me tell you about our friend Cheryl. She is one of my most favorite people…ever. I swear, I just met her the last time we were in Cleburne last year and I just instantly wished I lived closer just to hear some of her stories on a regular basis. The craziest things happen to her. She is hilarious and just an overall awesome woman. I knew having her in the workshop would prove to be funny at some point in the day.

Well, that point in the day was the very beginning. She walks quietly into the room and sits down on the edge of a chair and starts to introduce herself only to have that chair slip out from beneath her, flip over her head, knock the end table next to it and toss the lamp in the air breaking it. All this came crashing down in a matter of seconds. We all just stared in silence and then busted out laughing at the same time. Cheryl just sat there on the floor, confused. It was such a great moment and a very funny start to the day. These are the moments I so wish I had my camera ready. I will regret not getting a photo of that for sure. Just sitting here thinking about this story still makes me laugh.

After a bunch of jibber jabbering from me and ryan and some lunch it was time for shooting!

Our first model we had lined up fell through at the last minute so we were kind of scrambling to fix this problem and I am actually really happy that it happened because Kamille and Bradley just got engaged and were great models. Not to mention…she (and Cheryl) connected us to Shannon and her amazing vintage heaven!

The shoot wasn’t really a normal engagement session because we only had so much time and explaining things and giving everyone a chance to shoot takes 10 times longer than things usually do so there isn’t our usual variety in this shoot. The best stuff was in the middle of it with the Red jacket, black and white striped shirt and that awesome coral dress we had her in. It just seems very Alice in Wonderland to me which got me all excited. Even though it isn’t our usually variety, I still am really happy with the shots that we got. It was so much fun!

Kamille is a dancer so it was only appropriate to do a little spinning in such a spectacular dress….with red tulle underneath!!

Is the 14mm growing on me? Why yes it is. I love this shot!

I just am madly in love with these yellow gloves. If anyone knows where I could buy some like this..please email me, I just must have some!

This was the first dress. I kinda wish it was a brighter color, but at the same time love how it kinda blends in with her skin tone. The front and back were made of different types of fabric which was just fabulous. I wish I had a better photo of it.

He was pretty quiet most of the time. Kamille is certainly the loud one of the two. It kind of reminds me of me and Ryan, haha. When I took this I was a bit freaked out because of its creepy vibe but then I looked at it on my computer and I was like whoa! This is creepyily awesome. :)

This last dress was made for her. I was so disappointed we ran out of time and had to quit shooting before we could do some really great stuff with it.

We had a great time at the workshop and are really happy how everything worked out. Big thanks to Kamille and Bradley for being so great in front of 8 people.

The next few blogs will be about…
The Hunt Family
Oklahoma Workshop!
First day on Route 66
….so keep checking back!

February 28, 2010 - 9:32 am

Stephanie - Love Love Love all of the fun clothes!! Wow… we’ll need to go vintage shopping in SF when you guys are here. There are A TON of amazing stores just filled with fun stuff like that. Can’t wait to have you guys here!! Keep on truckin!

March 29, 2010 - 12:51 pm

Charlie McRae - These are gorgeous.

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