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Ryan went to school back in the day with Kelli and Jeremy. Kelli is one of his sisters best friends and one of the owner’s of Ellwell Salon in Battle Creek where he gets his hair cut. There is a story to Kelli and Jeremy but I’ve only heard bits and pieces in passing. Since everyone else has known them forever, thus I’m sure it’s common knowledge and funny and interesting. From what I understand, they went to high school together but didn’t date then and then TADA almost 10 years later are married. :) Frankly, all the details are just details. Happiness is what it’s all about.

That is precisely why I chose the picture I did for this first one. Not only is she the perfect height for him, but they both just have such joyful faces. It’s a simple photo but I think it’s classic, timeless and full of happiness.

They had a small ceremony on the beach in South Haven, Michigan. Just close friends and family. We have only done a few beach weddings and this one might be my favorite just because it was a nice cool stormy day and the sand didn’t feel like the surface of hell. Our last beach wedding was last year in Hilton Head South Carolina. I don’t get out that much so I just forgot that sand gets hot. I kicked my shoes off really quick because I knew it would be hard to walk in them out there and quickly scampered to catch up to the bride and her father to get the shot of them going down the isle. It was the most alarming feeling to have my feet melt into liquid. I shot the rest of the ceremony standing in guests shadows.

Anyways, enough of my stories…

Although I don’t have a shot of the back of her dress here, keep an eye out for it later. It’s amazing. I love dresses that have unique touches to them since I’ve shot the same dress over and over a bazillion times.

So I guess I should clear something up. I’m not perfect. I know, It’s shocking, especially to me. That is why I firmly believe in having 2 photographers for a wedding day. Nobody is perfect and things can simply be overlooked. Ok, so this is her cake. I did not realize that at all. I sat right in front of it doing ring shots and it never even registered to me that was a cake. It was sitting in the middle of the table like a centerpiece and was completely off my radar. It was camouflaged.

Thank goodness Ryan wasn’t fooled by it’s chameleon qualities and got photos of it. My blunder aside, what an amazing cake! They were having a really small, short wedding so in the back of my mind I didn’t expect much in the way of details but I was really impressed with how consistent she was with her design with the heart throughout everything. It was simple, but done really perfectly for her wedding. The cake was just amazing. So very amazing I didn’t even know it was a cake. :)

Oh my word, he is adorable. Enough said. 
Ok so remember how I said the back of her dress was awesome? Well, apparently awesome things are complicated. It started with just mom and then grew into a pile of everyone to get it figured out. 
We found one cool spot to shoot the guys and then found out they were getting ready here at these docks so hooray for bonus shots!
Probably my favorite shot of the guys. 
I just adore this one Ryan shot. This composition is one of my new favorites. There’s something mildly mysterious about it to me.
These shots will NEVER get old to me. Hahaha Every group of girls is a whole new level of hilarious when I do these. 
I would like to take moment now to note how awesome everyone’s hair looks. The one on the right is Rochelle who also own’s Ellwell’s Salon. She is my favorite up-doer ever and with weddings, I’ve seen a lot of stylists do a lot of updo’s. She leaves a trail of creativity and wonderment in hair I think. When we had our bride and groom redo pictures taken I had a pretty short asymmetrical cut and she was able to get all of it back and up and it looked so awesome. It looked exponentially better than it did on my wedding day. Oh my regrets for not knowing of her then! I love shooting cool looking hair A LOT so look them up people, Right Meow! :)  …. or click this link to like them on facebook :) –> Ellwell Facebook

Oh and to finish my rant on hair, doesn’t Kelli have the greatest bang swoop? It kind of makes me sick. Long bangs with a perfect swoop is like a gift from the hair gods. Perhaps I just need to sacrifice a goat or something and my bangs could look like that too. hahaa 

They did a first look which was a brilliant choice since the weather held off just long enough to get some great photos of Kelli and Jeremy together. This shot was Ryan being sneaky. :)
Once again, Ryan showing me up being far more awesome than I expect. Look at those stormy clouds! 
This is their puppy bailey :) I love that they brought her along. I would just die to have a photo like this with Duma but she doesn’t like to cooperate as well as Bailey did. 
Since ALL the bride and groom photos can’t be with her, I was shooting with her leash around my wrist. I think we bonded. 
In my last blog post I said I’d do this for everyone and I mean it. You may get bored of it, but I do not care! I Love it! It seems to look good on everyone.
This was Ryan’s perspective. BEAUTIFUL!!!
The flower girl outfits were just the cutest thing ever for a beach wedding. 
How do we get this thing to work? Nooo let me see it, I can do it! hahaa adorable. 
Very cute idea to send the lantern this off but with the storm that was happening as you can see from the dark sky, it wasn’t taking off so well. When it did finally go, it was headed straight towards very leafy trees. I was fairly certain it wasn’t going to clear them, get stuck and burn the forest down. It didn’t though. It was all ok. :)

After raining the whole ceremony, the sky cleared up and it was super pretty out right afterwards. I was waiting for Ryan to bring the lighting down for family photos and saw this happening mostly on it’s own and jumped out of my skin a little. So I did some nudging, as in, HEY! THERE! YES! KISS!! and this little gem happened. Also a MAJOR favorite of the day. This just begs to be a giant print. 
I was shooting just the wedding party and saw dave looking nerdy over yonder with his camera strap and bag…and khaki pants, haha and I had a vision. I’m super grateful he was such a good sport to help create this nerd-tastic masterpiece. :)
EWW hairy man foot. 

It was a short day for us but we surprisingly packed in a ton of stuff for the amount of time we had. I was so dehydrated by the end I was about to fall over dead. Well worth my near death experience though. :)  The End!

August 10, 2011 - 5:37 am

paula peterson - Thank you so much you two! The pics are awesome! Love you both!

August 14, 2011 - 12:59 pm

Jewell Rude - These pictures are so beautiful!!!!

August 15, 2011 - 12:24 pm

Meredith - I can’t stop staring at the photos you two take. I randomly found your website through a friend of a friend and if I ever get married you will be the first phone call I make. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

August 26, 2011 - 7:57 am

Brooke Summer Photography - Wow I love the one where they’re lit against the building, so cool!

November 14, 2011 - 11:33 pm

Matt & Jamie // Kalamazoo Engagement Photographer » theGAUPERSblog - [...] much of anything. Her hair was perfectly simple as well. She got it done by one of my past brides, Kelli Fuller, one of the owners of Ellwells Salon in Battle Creek.  This is how he proposed. He [...]

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