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There are few people in my life who have stepped up as true, authentic, lifelong, friends. The type of person who wants nothing in return except for your company, your friendship. Someone who gives whole heartedly, sacrificially loves and is endlessly loyal. This kind of person is rare. Konrad is rare and I feel so blessed to have met him.

When I transferred to Cedarville University in 2005 I struggled a lot. Being a transfer student is tough all on it’s own but I also had never been away from home before and had never had the chance to be socially independent. My first semester was hard but I had a great roommate and through crashing my car into a semi truck, I ended up having a reason for people in my hall to notice me and then became my friends. I have a few other good friends from Cedarville but after we all graduated, I don’t hear from them too often outside of facebook.

Life gets busy and we all moved on and most of us are married now. I neglect to catch up with them just as they do with me. It’s kind of the natural order of things when everyone lives in different parts of the country.

Konrad was different. Out of all my friends I made at Cedarville, he is the only one to consistently contact me. I’ve been the bad friend since college in this relationship. Our business took off, life got so insanely busy and I just kept losing touch, but he kept trying.

The fact that he always kept trying says so much about him and his character. By the standards of our culture, Konrad is a bit weird. He is insanely tall and always seemed to be friends with short people. He is a true artist at heart and has a wonderfully creative brain. He never seemed afraid to be himself and thats a wonderful quality to have. Because he is weird or rather just different from the masses, he just got me right away, because I am also weird and different. A lot of people don’t “get me”, especially that fast, but he did. I believe we were destined to be friends.

When I struggled in our art classes or had a hard time studying for my Bible classes Konrad was always there to help. I don’t know how I would have passed my 3D deisgn class without him. He made our classes together fun and more interesting and it was always really nice to have a friend in those classes. Since I was a transfer student and not very outgoing unless approached, I didn’t have many friends in those classes because everyone already knew each other. So having his companionship really helped my confidence while in class. He made me feel not so alone.

He is one of the greatest friends to ever be a part of my life. Because life got so busy and so difficult all at once I neglected staying in touch and I’m so sorry for that. Giving someone a chance and embracing the weird within them is one of the best you can do for that type of person.

He is also getting married this November and I could not be happier for him. Thats proof that there is someone for everyone. Can I say I told you so? Because I did. :) She is a lucky women to be his other half. I know he will be an amazing husband to her.

So last year (that shows how crazy it’s been since I’ve had this painting since august I think) I contact Kelli Murray about doing a painting for Konrad. He discovered her work a few years back and showed her stuff to me and we were both hooked. We just love her style and she is one of our favorite artists. Ryan had her do a painting of us and it is one of my most prized possessions so I wanted to be able to give something special like that to Konrad. He deserves so much more, but this is my thank you for being such an amazing man of God and a wonderful friend to me.

Konrad, this world is a better place because your in it and is desperately in need of more people like you.

I’m sending this painting out in the mail tomorrow so you should receive it in a few days. Promise :)

April 5, 2011 - 4:06 pm

jen siegrist - Holly, this is beautifully written and so true! What a dear friend you are to have written this about Konrad. precious :) Thanks for sharing with the world!

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