LA Workshop :: Kristina + Kevin Engagement :: California Photography Workshop

We were lucky enough to find Kristina and Kevin through Jessica and Melanie since we didn’t have anyone to shoot for our LA workshop yet. We were staying in a rediculous town with nowhere to shoot so we drove up to venice and found some pretty cool things. There are some interesting people there… hahah

It was supposed to rain A LOT right during the time we had planned to shoot so we were really bummed. However, miracles happen to us a lot with the weather and the rain pushed back and started POURING right after we finished. We were prepared with cute umbrellas and hello kitty rain boots if we needed  them. We could have done some fun things in the rain, but I am happy it was nice out just because it makes things so much easier.
There are two images in this post that are “beach” photos. They are probably the only beach photos you’ll ever see posted from us. Beach photos just always tend to look a bit cliche but I am really happy with how these couple turned out. This first one I actually love a ton, who would have thought?
Kristina is 5 feet tall and completely adorable!
Some of our workshop attendees being awesome! hahah

I still have a couple more posts to go before leaving for china so keep checking back!

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