Lacey & Dave…and gizzy…and a baby the size of an orange.

As of today, it’s facebook official. Ryan’s Sister Lacey is pregnant! I’m happy for them but also selfishly happy for me since I get to plan another awesome awesome maternity shoot. :) haha.

I find it hilarious that unborn babies current size always equals to fruit and vegetables. Based on my very reliable source, Lacey’s baby is an orange. Oranges are awesome so I assume this is a magical time.

Yesterday, Dave sent me a text about putting together a video for facebook to tell everyone. They needed to have it by early today so it was crazy last minute. I came up with the idea of milestones and we decided to do it from their cat’s (gizzy) perspective of their way of telling him he is going to be a big brother! hahaha. We shot it at night so it’s only the house lights which is why it’s a bit dark, but what can you do.

I typically don’t just throw things together, but it was a matter of doing the best with the time I had or have nothing so I guess it is what it is. :) I figure it’s better than just a status update on facebook. My big winter project is to learn more about video and editing and such. I’m sure this time next year I’ll look back and have a great laugh at this, but it’s memories regardless.

Anyways, enjoy!

August 31, 2011 - 6:15 pm

Nicole Foster - Yay!!!! Love the video, but love the preggo belly even more! :D Congrats, Aunt Holly! ;)

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