lost and found…or rather, temporarily replaced.

I have always loved rings more than any other jewelry. When  I say I love them….I mean…I love them probably more than anyone on this whole earth. haha. I just have a limited amount of money for jewelry since everything goes back into the business.

When we moved I lost my favorite ring. I first saw it in 2005 and have been lusting after it ever since. Unfortunately, it was about $800 of which I could not afford. I kept watching it, longing for it, occasionally going into the store just to try it on and dream. Right after Christmas of 2008 my mom and I were walking around in the mall and stopped into Kay’s to get her ring checked and I saw it there…on clearance. After all these years it was being discontinued. I didn’t know what to do, this was my last chance!  …or so I thought until I looked it up just now and its still on clearance. Eep! At the time, I had a ring that I liked but wasn’t anything close to the ring of my dreams so they took it in trade and I got my dream ring for $200!


I spent almost one glorious year with that ring before I lost it. Perhaps it will show up again when we pack up to move again. I am just going to keep telling myself that just to keep the horrible pain and sadness away from the thought that its really gone forever.

Since its gone, I have been wanting a replacement REAL BAD. I have a thing about rings but I never wear more than 1 per hand. Since I have been working on our new brand that has this yellow/green thing happening I thought a peridot ring would be the perfect gift for myself. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything with an interesting setting for under a couple grand…..until hawaii.

They have this “international” market in tourist central. I got this ring for $30! It certainly won’t last as long as something real, nor does it make me feel the same as the circle diamond ring but it will get me by till I can find another perfect ring or if I magically find my missing one. It’s so hard to find interesting settings especially for so cheap so I was more than thrilled.

Unfortunately the stone wasn’t all that clean when I took these pictures, but oh well.

…and since I’m talking about rings, I saw this beauty on kay’s website while searching for a photo of my lost ring. Oh my goodness. I want it. :) It kinda looks like my $30 ring…but its real and is covered in diamonds! It has a bit more of a twirl in it too which I ADORE.

www.kay.com :: twirly goodness

May 3, 2012 - 9:50 am

izabel - hey where did u find that green ring so beautiful

June 4, 2012 - 5:02 pm

Holly - I actually got it at a little shop when we were in hawaii. Unfortunately, it didn’t hold up very long. It was beautiful while it lasted though! :)

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