Matt & Emily // Laughing Lots and Getting Robbed // Kalamazoo Engagement Photographer

So where do I start… Matt and Emily are wonderful together and make so much sense. Much of the session was spent laughing. Well, outside of when Emily got robbed but we will get to that later.

I really love couples who are able to laugh together. I feel like laughter is such an important part of life and people who don’t laugh very much, well gosh, I don’t know how you continue to exist. It’s proven that the physical act of smiling will in fact make you slightly happier so I can only assume that laughing is way more effective. When I go a whole day without laughing, I just feel very bleh, like the life has been drained from me. I think if you can find someone to laugh with for the rest of your life, well, you’ve got it pretty good.

Being able to laugh off awkwardness of having your photo taken is great for me. Being able to laugh through big struggles and disappointments in your marriage and life is simply priceless and I’m so excited to be able to shoot their wedding this spring. It’s great to be part of an event that is for such nice people who are just simple, laid back, happy folks.

So about getting robbed. Well, first, a good idea is to not rob these people because Emily will take off after you and Matt will beat down bathroom doors. We were shooting in an alley in downtown Kalamazoo and had taken the coats off for some photos. I saw the row of yellow trees at the end of the alley and wanted to shoot by them since the rest of the fall colors had fallen off ALL the trees in town it seemed. We walk to the end of the alley and are taking photos for a few minutes, we were just around the corner so we couldn’t see down the alley anymore.

As we are walking back, a homeless man is walking out of the alley. By the time we  got to the coats, Emily quickly realized her phone and wallet were gone so she takes off running down the alley after this guy. You know, I don’t know that I would have done that because I’m a big wuss. So I was like…note to self, don’t steal from her. :)

I stayed close to Matt because he is a big guy and I don’t think anyone would mess with him. Since I was carrying a ton of gear on me, I certainly didn’t want to get mugged. We ended up in the library and as Emily was looking around the computers Matt decided to check the bathroom. He said he looked through the crack of the door, saw the guy counting out a bunch of cash so he kicked in the door and grabbed all the stuff from him. Then, the guy comes out and starts saying yadda yaddaing. Then the library security gets wind of it, then the cops get called. In the end, I believe she got everything back from him, he took off before the cops got there and we all went on our way.

Getting robbed is just the worst feeling. I’m so happy he got the stuff back for her as I think that would have really put a sour mood on photos. At this point, we were done with that location and had a nice drive to the second place to regroup. :) It was so cold out that day, they were both such troopers since I wouldn’t let them wear coats. :)

Half of these photos are post robbery so I think that says something about who they are. Some people would let something like that just ruin their whole day.

Matt turned around super fast and scared the daylights out of me! haha
So we had hats, sunglasses, coats and I just to happen to always carry stick in my trunk now. As a result of all these great items, this is what happened. :) I’m not sure why, but I just really like these a lot, hahaa.

Can’t wait to see you two all dressed up fancy for your wedding! :)

December 21, 2011 - 2:50 am

Kate - great pics and WOW what a story behind it!
Happy holidays from Germany ;)

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