Meet Duma

We are not really “resolution” people. However, I can say that one of our main goals for 2011 is to have less stress in our lives.

Now, we can say time and time again we are going to be less stressed and take it easy, but the reality of that is quite different. It’s about action. Talk is cheap, people!

Personally, I have found that relaxing makes me anxious. I’m just not used to doing it. I feel like I need to be doing something productive at all times. If there is work to be done, I feel guilty about taking time for me. This obviously shows I’ve taken work much too far and now it’s time to learn how to live again.

Our first act of relieving some of the stress was getting a kitten. Ryan loves cats and I love dogs. Thus, we did a bunch of research and found a breed of cat that was the most like a dog, haha.

These are just a mix of my favorite photos of her so far with both our regular cameras and our iphones.

Meet Duma :)

She is turning out to be such a great kitten. We have had her for about a month now and she is settling nicely into her new home.

Duma LOVES to play as bengals are very active cats.

eep! Look at that belly!!
However, when she is done playing she will crawl up on us and immediately fall asleep on us.

She has some of the greatest spots. I really hope she looks the same when she gets older. Duma is the only brown thing you will find in my whole house :) hahaha If you know me, you know I’m a black/gray person. I don’t even own a brown pair of socks. But Duma is the exception since she has such awesome black spots and looks so exotic.

I find that I now take more small breaks to spend time with her, to play, cuddle, ect. which is really helping. I used to go on 12-14 hours of straight work including eating meals at my desk working. Thats just not healthy for anyone.

Her personality is just the best and we couldn’t be happier with her!

Ok I’ll end this post by photo overload! :)

In the box on the drive home when we first got her.

She naps in these curtains… I think she thinks we can’t see her or something. 

I’ll be honest, Duma loves ryan the most…

But she likes me too…

We “encouraged” her to get in his pocket once and now she loves it!

I do not love this…
She always gets food stuck to her nose. 
After our first attempt to show her water is fun.

:) My family

haha don’t be fooled by her sweet face…

January 15, 2011 - 4:14 pm

Steve Elmer - Guys, she is adorable. I am so glad that you found a happy medium and have Duma in your lives now, i know all too well the happiness that having an amazing kitty in the house :)

January 15, 2011 - 7:11 pm

Portia - Your Bengal is beautiful and your photography is outstanding!!!

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