meet holly

I grew up in Muskegon Michigan and had a pretty awesome childhood. My parents are incredibly loving and always took great care of me and my brother. They are self employed so my lifestyle was a little different than most. My dad shut the car lot down every fall to go hunting and took my brother hunting a lot as well. I spent a lot of time with my mom who is rather crafty so she taught me a lot of artsy things early on in life. However, my personality it much more like my dad. He has an incredible sense of humor and is pretty witty. I always had a lot of fun with him joking around. He is the most easy going guy I have ever known.

It’s been a long road getting to where I am. Everything along the way has shaped me into a very different person from when I started. Your parents always tell you things like that but you never believe them…well, they were right.

I went to Cedarville University and graduated with my bachelors degree in Graphic Design. That occupation was super lonely so I took a leap in a new direction. That direction lead me to Ryan and he lead me down the magical path of photography.

Out of the two of us, I guess I am the spunky on an is quiet and more traditional and I’m…loud an colorful. He is a great listener and I’m a great talker so that all works out. I’ve been working at and studying art for as long as I can remember so I have more of an artistic approach to my work. I just follow my gut and create what feels right.

I believe that photography is sometimes just as much about experience as it is about the photos. They so often go hand in hand so it’s always important to me to connect well with my clients. Being able to feel comfortable and have fun creates great images. 

Along with weddings, I photograph all of our family and newborn clients. They are really different experiences to shoot but both are really great because they are some of the best days of your life and I love being a part of all of it.

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