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Ok I am the king of rabbit trailing. For example (kinda random I know) I get out of the shower put my shirt on and left just a towel on, sat down and 2 hours later I realize I am still sitting in a moist towelette. What the heck… I need some serious structure.

Anyway, I was gathering some images for a wedding party member that had uploaded a image from the proofing site (separate blog issue!) So as I was going  through a few more I thought people might like; I came across one that I just had to try and see what could come out of it.

Soon enough I had spent an hour plus on a black and white photo haha! How does that happen?? All I know is I was trying new things in LR and ways to make it sweet…

So just sayin… I did ALL this in Abobe Lightroom 2 not even 3 and it looks awesome… in my opinion anyway.  :)

BTW I added, count em, 13 brush layers!  …Holly laughed for a long time when she saw it. Cluster F. Take a look at what I saw in the end: All the little white spots are hand painted areas. look closely!

The history list was a mile long… literally. Alas I like to think if not just for the learing that was involved, it was worth it. Though I do have LOTS of things to do and I kicked myself for not just doing the stupid thing in PS. It probably would have looked 10x better! Oh well, like I said I am learning. Here’s the image BIG this time so you can see all the detail.

If that’s not enough I posted a special full res image that you can view on Flickr. ←« Click here to see it HUUUUGE! The 14mm isn’t very sharp that big but until I can flip the $2,400 bill for the (CRAZY awesome) 17mm TS-E or a Canon 14mmL II, it will have to do with less then perfect on 5′x10′ prints  :§ (21 megapixels for those that don’t know!) That means it is “physically” 23.4″x15.6″ … and you can go bigger then that probably without seeing much quality degrading. That’s what viewing at 100% means.

This is also great… Just a simple but gorgeous image shown at 100% on a 24″ iMac. (screen shot) See the big version on Flickr. ←« [Click HERE] of what I was actually seeing here. It’s even more impressive how flawless the 135mm f/2L is! Such a bargain for the price.

I also got a Canon 1D mk IV to play with courtesy of CPS, accompanied by a 50mm f/1.2L and 24mm f/3.5 TS-E L II. Yes I like it better when the Ls are red.

I really liked the 50mm… here’s a good sample:

More soon!

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