More Fall Goodness!! :: Taylor :: Kalamazoo Senior Photographer

Fall in Michigan is a pretty magical time. I am not a huge fan of living here because of the long harsh winters, but man the fall is just amazing here. The weather is perfect, the air feels fresh and the colors are outstanding. However, it’s a very small window of time that all this magical-ness happens which is October. Once you are done with october it’s pretty much done for. There is also a perfect time in October where everything is just right for fall colors.

Taylor was lucky enough to have her session scheduled in this perfect time. This year we got a couple sessions done during the awesomeness but since it’s such a small window of time only a few people get those spots.

This is one of my favorites!

Ryan shot the one on the left but it was my idea. Our process is quite odd sometimes. I squeal and say “Get inside that tree!!” and then Ryan will stand there and just fulfill my vision. It’s pretty much awesome.

This reminds me of alice in wonderland sort of….

Anyways, I’m trying real hard to be more consistent at blogging by just putting less images up. How do you all like this format of displaying photos? I’m trying to figure out the best way so any opinions are appreciated.

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