My t-shirt is finally for sale. Here’s how it got started…

Back in 2006 I took a class that forever changed all of my artwork. Mr. Chamberlain at Cedarville was the most influential teacher I have ever had. Mind you, I’ve been through 5 1/2 years of college including summers so I’ve had a lot of teachers. I pushed harder in his class than any other and let me tell you, I worked my dang butt off in all my classes in college so that’s saying a lot.

He was just the most kind and honest teacher who had really high standards…and well, I love a good challenge. This was a semester long project and the goal was to do 50 designs of one thing to get you thinking more creatively. We were also to have one final piece that was far more finished than the rest as well. I have a photo album on facebook of all my pages here: skull book

Granted, they are not earth shatteringly inspired but the project really helped me grow and think differently about things. My final piece for the book was my skull painting. This piece was done on acrylic paper with acrylic paints watered down, dry and thick. I also used pens, ink, sharpies and colored pencils. This is probably my favorite painting I’ve ever done.

After a while I decided to illustrate it which is what was entered into the artsprojekt competition. Last year I found out it made it into the top 10 which means they would produce the shirt. It has taken forever for it to get printed but alas it is finally for sale!

…and….they printed the teeth with metallic gold ink so now he’s a pimp.

These photos are taken from their website. I take no credit for how that model is posing, hahha.

My name is in it!

Sooo it’s pretty cool it is finally here. You should all go get one. :)

June 9, 2010 - 12:50 pm

Natalie - That’s freakin’ the coolest thing EVER!!! Wow!!!!! and they modeled it and everything. Super envious!

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