Nathan & Carolyn // Detroit Athletic Club Wedding

Nathan and Carolyn were married at the The Grosse Pointe Academy in In Grosse Pointe Farms and had their reception at the Detroit Athletic Club downtown. I gotta say, I think the DAC is my favorite venue so far. The staff there was just so friendly and kind to us, the guest rooms were amazing and the whole building is just gorgeous. I really hope to shoot there many more times. It was just an all around awesome place.

They found out about us through Nathan’s cousin’s wedding the year before. I was not good about blogging things last year so their full wedding blog will be coming this winter when I show you all what we did last year. Brandon and Angela were awesome to say the least. They were the ones that jumped in the pool at the end of the night!

There was no pool jumping at this wedding, but there was a TON of elegant, beautiful, everything. We are typically always about fun and color and crazy things, but this wedding just goes to show that the Gauper’s can do elegant and lovely as well. :)

This might sound weird, but as I was going through and editing images for the blog I was kind of surprised at how many awesome images we had. It was super hard to pick. I knew the day was running 1 hour behind and we lost a lot of our planned shooting time so I kinda just felt like everything happened so fast and I didn’t think we got as much as we did. I felt good about what we had, but just didn’t realize it was so much. Sometimes I forget that Ryan takes photos too, haha. So, you guessed it, this is gonna be another huge post. I tried to narrow it down, I really did! Carolyn just had so many lovely details and the DAC was such an awesome place to shoot, how could I turn away images that so desperately wanted to be on our blog? I simply couldn’t. I am weak. Deal with it :) Bride and Groom images are always my favorite so most of this post is just that…. and ring shots. OH her ring, it’s just to die for.

Speaking of her ring, I just had to start this with the best ring shot of my life. Now, what I find interesting is that my first most awesome ring shot on the moon was at Brandon and Angela’s wedding the year before. There must be something magical about the jewelry these people have. I just am nuts about how the diamond is lit and the colors and sparkles. It gives me chills.

I will pace myself with the ring shots so your not all so overwhelmed and blinded by diamonds but I couldn’t help myself when I was shooting. I just couldn’t stop! Ryan eventually found me and told me to be done, haha. So I will just sprinkle a few more awesome ring shots throughout the post. :) 

I only had a few minutes to photograph her shoes. I had no idea they would be so amazing. When she pulled them out of the box my eyes probably popped out of my face. They are just stunning. Shiny, sparkly, texture…just perfect. I was most crazy about the heels. Oh my word, I LOVE that heel! If I had 20 minutes to spend photographing those shoes, oh the sparkle I could create!

The girls got ready mostly at the salon so while we were waiting for them to arrive Ryan got some shots of all the guys hanging out. It never ceases to amaze me how men can go from hanging out drinking to fully ready for a wedding in about 15 minutes.

I am typically all about color but I really loved this white/off white combination on Nate. It is perfect with the flower and the texture was great. Simple color with texture is always timeless.

They decided on doing a first look which I think was a great idea! This made the venue very happy as well. :) It just helps the schedule to flow nicely and also gives them a chance to be together and get to have an actual reaction to seeing each other for the first time. Inside the DAC was a lovely place for it. It just really went so well with the theme of the wedding and the classic simplicity of her dress.

The DAC was just an awesome place for everything. I can’t remember a time where we CHOSE to shoot inside over outside when it’s a beautiful day out. If your looking for a wedding venue in detroit, this is the best place hands down in my opinion. 
I was SO excited to see this awesome door! Many faces! :)
Favorite! I demand cool lighting from Ryan and POW! He delivers every time! 
Behind these big curtains is a little thin balcony. I was warned about going out there for too long though since there is a giant angry bird who likes to hang around. The last thing I need is for my bride to be swept away by an eagle! hahaha ….so we stayed inside just in case :)
Oh boy, this is also a favorite. It’s hard to choose. It’s so simple and lovely, I’m really into that these days.
When we looked around the day before the wedding, I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted to use the racquetball court. Ryan didn’t even seem my vision. With the right editing it’s magical!

Just so you can experience my vision with me, I’ll show you my before and after. I sometimes wonder how other people visually experience the world because I’m so used to the way I see things. When I walked into that court, I saw the room as the image on the left. Clean,warm, classic. I didn’t see the image on the right. I guess I see it through my eyes, but not in my mind if that makes any sense. What we do is more than just taking photos. It’s all about vision and the ability to make that vision happen.

I’ll jump off my artistic vision rant and back to wedding now… :)

We actually ran into a girl who is part of this project while we were shooting there. It’s part of a community art project which is really cool. They are still working on it so eventually if will be all fully striped. I think it’s so awesome and that girl might not fully realize how awesome it is. I can imagine this will be a common place for wedding photos since it’s so easy to spot and has such great colors. I just love projects like this. 

Getting smashed by a bus! 

Sometimes I think people might think I’m nuts when I do ring shots. To other people, it doesn’t look at all like this photo when it’s happening, haha. This was right outside the side door of the ceremony. Such a cool texture and I love when I can get rings to stand up!

HOLY SPARKLE! I quite love that the ring almost blends in with all the shiny madness. 

haha I love his face! 
Their ceremony venue was SO pretty. It was crazy dark and the colors were nuts but I’m proud to say my mad color correcting skills come in handy again! 

Since we did all the photos beforehand, we were able to head straight to the reception which was great! They were able to enjoy cocktail hour with all their guests and we were able to get detail shots of the ballroom. Everybody wins! 

Their band was awesome, one of my favorites! Their name is Persuasion and are out of  Royal Oak, MI. At the end of our night, If I wasn’t so exhausted I would have loved to just sit around and listen to them and watch everyone for a while. Their lead singer was so fun and personable. It was really great. Having a good band or DJ is so important to the vibe of a reception. 

We had such a great day with you guys and I’m just so excited to share all these images with you! Thanks for taking the million hours that it took to get to the bottom of this post. :) hahaha

I have GREAT feelings about their album. I think it’s going to be full of big images and lots of simple white space. I’m super excited to design it!

Whew! Now I must go play with Duma, she is restless and has been crawling all over me and my keyboard while I’ve been trying to write this post, haha. Lots of backspacing out the things she wanted to add. :)

October 7, 2011 - 7:24 am

Brooke Summer Photography - LOVE the bling shots, I wouldn’t be able to resist either! Excellent work. :)

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