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So let’s just start this out by saying I’m human and I don’t assume everything will always be the most awesome ever. I sure do try my hardest to make things as good as possible, but sometimes you just can’t rise above situations. That totally makes this sound like a bad wedding, doesn’t it? hahha

I love a good misleading introduction! :) Now, to be serious, I adore these people. They totally have the love and are super easy going so I really couldn’t ask  for better people to work with. They also really trusted us to just do our thing which I very much need so I was pretty happy about that. People will cool personalities are always our favorite. Having a good, fun personality in front of a camera changes everything. However, I was not so much excited about the nature and did not assume it would be the most awesome. Thus, I was preparing myself to work really hard for it…and I did. I don’t remember too many specifics about the afternoon anymore as I am fairly certain I was a maniac for half the day after leah’s mom gave me mountain dew when I had not had any pop for about a month. Soooo yeah I was pretty high for the rest of the afternoon until I crashed and got all weird feeling.

Anyways, back to the nature… You see, they love nature and live on a farm out in amish country. We don’t really do a lot with nature because it’s hard to get variety and it just hasn’t been much “our style”  especially when its not “magic hour” but I knew that was what they wanted so I was certainly going to kill myself to do a good job for them and still be proud of my work.

So, we arrived a day early and spent about 3 hours driving around New Phileldelphia, Dover and out to the reception site and Leah’s house to make our plan for the wedding day. Making a plan, marking all the spots in the gps and knowing exactly what you are doing the next day is so important. I want the schedule of the day to be a smart use of time. Having a good schedule can make or break the day and photography in my opinion. Luckily, they understood this and gave us enough time to get some pretty cool shots. Since we drove around the night before, we found some spots that were still us to provide more variety than just nature for everything. I feel it’s very important not to lose yourself and style in anything you do.

In the end, our plan worked out really well. We ran about 30 minutes behind schedule but had planned a nearly 2 hour buffer time so running late wasn’t stressful and everything worked out beautifully. PLEASE take that tip if your a photographer, wedding planner, or bride. Buffer time is your key to not being stressed on your wedding day and still getting photos if your running late.

Everything was great, well, except experiencing the hottest weather of my life! ….and did I mention we always seem to wear black to weddings? …and that I decided to wear leggings and boots as well? Yeah. I about died. We shot in direct sunlight for most of the sessions too. Thank goodness we had our flash.

So I really love a lot of these and since I have slacked on doing wedding blogs for so long, this one is gonna be beeeefy!

Also, make sure you check out their album design since I spent forever on it. :)

No flashing please. :)

The big reveal!

I found this spot under the deck of leah’s house where they were getting ready. I was so excited about it! I love tiny

We found these AWESOME big round things but they were fenced in and there was no way to get to them. Inside the fence there were oh so many magical things, I could have done the whole session there… but alas, we could at least shoot on the outside and do the best we can with what we have.

Leah is a graphic designer and had the cutest theme! I love when people have a personality and are able to show it in their weddings. Too many weddings are identical. If you want people to remember your wedding, do things differently!
I am not really a huge fan of trains on dresses, but my gosh her’s was so different and beautiful! Just in general, her dress was amazing. One of the best.

We stopped on the side of the road on the way to the reception to get a few shots in the good light since most everything else was earlier in the day with the bright sun. This was well worth the stop but I soooo wish we would have had more time in that light with the awesome sky!

The second one in, the ones that look like truffles…ok so those are cake bites and possibly the MOST DELICIOUS thing I have ever eaten. At the end of the night there were some left over so I put a handful of them in a napkin and brought them back with me. Then…I forgot them at the hotel! ARG!

August 16, 2010 - 8:41 pm

Dave - no joke, one of my favorites ever. Good job!

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