new cards and keeping my sanity…

post by: holly

We have run out of cards again so I thought it was time to design something new. It took me a whole day of thinking and bad ideas to come up with this. I have been wanting to bring in the stripes more since it’s such a huge part of who I am so I am pretty happy with it. I’m really excited to see how the back of the card prints since it’s such a teeny tiny mosaic. :)

I love how our brand grows. It is nice to have a vision for it unlike a couple years ago. Having a clear vision of what I want our business to look like really helps to keep me motivated and on track with how we grow our style with our photos as well. Having a strong brand that I’m confident in really does change the way I shoot/edit and feel about myself. It’s weird, maybe I’m the only one who thinks like that, but whatever works!

I also designed some sweet thank you cards to send out to our clients as well. I am really happy with the design but the printer messed up the paper so I have to get it fixed before I can thank our clients for being so mindbogglingly awesome. :) I have a lot of pieces to the brand, the stripes, stitches, dots, green, curly flower graphic, logo, ect. So I’m trying to make it all work together so it all feels complete and makes sense. I don’t want to really limit it so much that everything is identical since thats just not our style but I know there are some things that are not exactly cohesive but i’m working on it. :)

I am just now finishing up my last two weddings in our summer season. I then have about 2 weeks before fall wedding season starts. We have had a pretty slow summer compared to most probably but are booked solid this fall! So I hope to finish everything up next week so I have a few days to just not work and relax before all the madness begins!

I put myself on a pretty intense editing schedule so I can keep up with things and not get behind and it’s fairly stressful. However, I believe when its november and I’m done with everything, it will be worth it. It also makes our brides really happy to get their photos back insanely fast! So if you all want to just pray for me this fall that would greatly appreciated. Just that I can stay motivated, stay on schedule and keep my sanity..and possibly find some time to spend with Ryan too. :)

So, thats all for now. Back to editing the best wedding EVER! I cannot wait to blog about Hope and Evan!

Have a great week everyone!!

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