Our little Duma is growing up…

Duma is growing up so fast! She is 4 months old now. Gosh, this must be what it’s like to have kids. When we were looking to get a bengal, we watched a lot of videos and looked at lots of pictures but when I saw the video the breeder put up of duma, we were just in love. What I noticed the most was there was something so different about her face. It just seemed much cuter than the rest of the them. I like her eyes might be lower or something. I can’t really pinpoint what it is, but it’s something cute for sure.

As she gets older, I can really see her face start to change which makes me feel sad because I really want her to stay a kitten for all of time. Her face is still cute and we obviously still love her to death, but it’s just becoming more real that she won’t be tiny forever.

I took this first photo today and the one below it is my favorite photo of her which was taken the week we got her which was about 2 months ago.

This one is just for fun. :) It reminds me of one of those dreamy senior pictures from olan mills in the 80′s.  haha

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