Aldrich Maternity

Samantha and Mitch were such good sports! She was having signs that got her worried she might go into labor early so we made sure to not have any more rescheduling. Unfortunately, Mitch was about half dead that day. There was a horrible bug going around and he was in the worst of it. I had just gotten over the same thing so I for sure felt his pain. It was also freezing :) I bet you would never know that from these super warm and happy photos though! Samantha is such an easy laugher and as we all know, easy laughers are my favorite!

The real kicker is that she ended up delivering PAST her due date! haha so much for going early. :)

Thankfully the Raddison let us shoot in their lobby and we let Mitch sleep in the car for the end of it. People are typically pretty nice to you when you’ve got a pregnant woman with you :) haha

Thanks for sticking out the cold with me – I can’t wait for you all to see the super adorable newborn photos! :) Those were very warm and toasty since we had a fireplace going that time! :)

Roman 1 year // Bast Family

Remember the Bast Family? –> Roman // Bast Family Newborn Session

Well Roman is a year old now! It is just nuts that it’s already been a year. This little family is certainly one of my favorites. They are just happy, easy going and you can certainly tell that Roman has been loved in a HUGE way over the past year of his little life.

In Michigan, there is this week. This glorious week of perfect weather mixed with perfect fall color. Luckily, we were able to schedule their shoot during that magical time and my goodness was it magical!

He has such a great personality. I LOVED his stink face! 
BIGGGG Kisses! 
Oh no! He’s been marked!
hahaa I love that he looks like he is going to attack my camera. 
Look here, Roman! 
Oh my goodness, seriously? That face is just to die for and those two little teeth are so adorable. Joyful children are probably the greatest thing I could ever photograph. 
Possibly my favorite of the session…maybe. I just love the drool and his big cheeks!
hahaha! I thought this was the perfect pairing of photos. What a ham! 
Who knew drool could be so adorable. 
To end the night, we did just a few of the amazing parents of little Roman. These two just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 
You guys are all so so awesome and I hope you love all the photos! :)

November 20, 2012 - 11:47 am

Cathy Feirick - Love these pictures!!!

McVay Maternity

We met Vince back in 2009 at one of the only “networking” events we have ever gone to. We are not so good at those things but this one paid off I suppose :) Vince is a great photographer and a awesome friend. He shot our first bride and groom redo back in 2009 and we’ve been exchanging photo shoots for each other since then. So when Vince and Kendra got pregnant, obviously there would be some sweet maternity and newborn photos. :)

When there are kids already in the family, I like to have them involved as well. It’s nice to get everyone together. Although mom is the most important since she is the one growing the baby and all, I think it’s great to have part of the session still be focused around the whole family as well. 
These boys seem to commit so well to whatever you tell them to do, haha. They are a lot of fun to shoot. You can always kinda tell when your shooting the children of a photographer.

My Home 2012 – Living Room

Home is a big deal to me. Having tall ceilings and open spaces just help me feel calm. Not moving 1-2 times every year will be a bonus when I get a real home but for now, I try my best to make each temporary place feel like home for the time being.

Well I finally got my canvases to go above my couch to finish up the living room. It’s just an apartment so I’m NOT painting again since I’ll be moving soon but for a small, short term place, I am pretty happy with how it looks. I fell in LOVE with this couch last year so I saved up for months to get it. I then found the coffee table and tv table on craigslist for $25 each! My dad helped me refinish those pieces (and by helped I mean did most of the work since he is awesome at this stuff) and then the rest just fell into place.

I really wanted to step away from everything black, white, red – stripes and polka dots. I think this is a good starting point to how my long term home will be someday. I will be the happiest girl in the world when I don’t have to move every 6 months.

I’m still working on getting prints in some frames for above my bed and desk so hopefully I finish that before I move again. :) 

Duma just had to get in the photos….as always :) 

October 18, 2012 - 6:34 am

katie - the canvases look awesome!

November 2, 2012 - 7:54 am

Iga - Everything looks really cozy and supercool but… what kind of cat is this one?!

November 18, 2012 - 5:09 pm

Holly - She is a bengal :)

Rachel & Ken // Maternity Session on the hottest day of the year…

Last year we did a bride and groom redo with Rachel and Ken and then just like that, they are back with a baby! Well, almost a baby. Mostly a full baby.

Unfortunately, we had to do this shoot right in the middle of that insane heatwave that hit Michigan. That is the hottest weather I have ever experienced in Michigan before. Being like 8 months pregnant in it…well… that sounds like torture to me, haha. Ken is in the military and was leaving soon so we didn’t have a choice to postpone so we did what we could to make the best of it and tried to stay indoors as much as possible.

They both are so easy to make laugh so we pretty much spent most of the shooting doing just that. I very much enjoy laughy people. :) I don’t know what else to fill silences with and if you know me at all, you know how I feel about silence. :)

We were able to go outside at the end of the shoot since it cooled down a bit and Rachel was a great sport about that. I knew that when I was starting to get hot, she must have been just burning up! I’m glad she stuck with it though because the shots outside are sooo pretty! That is certainly more my element.

This is one of my favorites! Love the laughing! 
Ooooh other major favorite. I love that it’s a silhouette but not a fully black one. 
I want to make this my new staple shot I do for every maternity client. haha!
AHH!! There’s a baby in there! 

Thanks for sticking it out in the crazy heat! I can’t wait to do this again once Stella gets here :)

July 24, 2012 - 3:35 pm

katie - looove the sunset one, holly! so cool!