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Yet another job from a previous job… Mary, Peter’s mom was either Kristin or Brett’s (wedding couple) Aunt (or maybe a friend of their aunt?) so naturally when she saw all the goodness, she thought about us for Peter’s senior photos. Good choice! I like to think that being young (somewhat) is a big plus when dealing with seniors. Helping them to be comfortable and have fun. Since Peter outwardly expressed this was more for his mom then him (as with most guys), it was actually really cool for Mary to say she has looked at ALL our website images. Good thing we finally updated the site!

Mary is a long time employee for a high-end florist dealing with, well weddings of course!  They do some pretty cool stuff that you can check out HERE.

Annnyway let’s look at some images! OK normally I wouldn’t go backwards but WOW. Makes me wanna swear this is so cool!

You know what? NO! I do want I want! Favorite images FIRST.

I mean come ON!

This sure took a few tries and some MEGA flash power. It sure is hard to slow down a train in direct sunlight.

I think we had the best tag.

you know it’s a good session when this is the last image. :)

Good stuff Peter, good stuff.

seriously is the only place i rent equitment and has been great from prices to customer service. Please give them a try and you won’t regret it!

August 18, 2010 - 11:57 am

Brian - Holy *BLEEP*! These shots make me wanna swear too! Those locations are so FRESH and the use of that wide angle is just amazing. *Sigh* Better add that to my lens list. Great work here, Ryan.

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