Redemption …and some handsome photos of Ryan

Ryan and I have had a heck of a year. We’ve been through a lot of difficulties in the past couple of years. One day I plan to write out our whole story, but I’ll leave that all for someday. For now, I’ve been thinking about Easter and Redemption. After all of the hard things we have had to go through, God gave us a wonderful end to a painful chapter in our lives. It was on Easter weekend of last year that the Ryan I had married just came back. He had been off of the ADD medication for a while, but getting your brain back certainly takes time. The timing of all the events that took place could not be explained any other way than God himself planning it all out.

In the past year he has struggled a lot to build the habit of going to the gym and eating healthy. He took it slow and focused and really made it a permanent life change. Eating clean and treating his body right has laid the foundation for him to start figuring out how to cope with how his brain works. I love Ryan FOR his ADD. The more he learns and understands how his brain works differently, the more I see the real Ryan and I just adore that about him.

It’s a journey for sure but I’m happy to go on it with him. Sometimes I regret getting married so quickly because I think back and realize I didn’t know anything about love. If we were to get married now, well…that would feel very different. I know how to love him at his worst and let me tell you, that is powerful.

With all that said…. I’ve been anxious to shoot since it’s the off season and the weather in Texas is BEAUTIFUL. So Ryan took me out to refresh me on my lighting and since we couldn’t find anyone else to shoot, Ryan got to be teacher and subject. :) With all of the great changes he has made from treating his body well, another bonus has been how great he looks being over 20 pounds lighter. :)

So don’t forget to love your family this Easter. Be happy to have them no matter how screwy life may seem. We have been redeemed and can always start fresh tomorrow.

Also – How TEXAS is this last image? haha when we saw this guy hanging out on our drive back, I felt warm and fuzzy inside. This is the kind of Texas I like the best so far.

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