Renn – 3 months // Fiddler Family

Renn is back! Hope and Evan and signed on for a year of photos so we do a session every 3 months up to Renn’s first birthday. I am just crazy about this kid. He is so interesting and has such unique little facial expressions.

Renn’s Newborn Session

They just bought a house so we had new places to shoot which was nice for variety’s sake. Renn will be 6 months old and it will be warmer out for our next session so we will be outside then! I can’t wait!

This is one of my very favorite family photos I’ve taken. I like how it’s got things that are personal to them but still has an interesting composition.

Hope mentioned that Yertle the Turtle was Renn’s favorite book and I didn’t understand how a 3 month old baby has a favorite book. Evan started reading and Renn quieted right down and just stared at the pages the whole time. It was crazy….and adorable. :) 
That face! Those forehead wrinkles! I love that he is like a sweet little old man. 
hahaha! Gross. 
Mr. Smarty Pants! I think it’s going to his head.
Aww disappointed we took his genius glasses away. :( 
Can’t wait for our 6 month session! It’s incredible to watch him grow!

February 17, 2012 - 7:30 pm

Faith Van Enk - Once again, your pictures are beautiful! I love the reading pictures and the family portrait and, of course, the drooly one. :D


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