Renn – 7 Months // Fiddler Family

Oh my goodness, Renn is already 7 months old! It’s so crazy to watch all these babies grow up. Since it’s warm now and he is older, we were able to take this session outside. Thus, a picnic was the perfect plan. I also realized that when most people do photos every 3 months for the first year of their newborn baby’s life, it’s always just the baby. I didn’t plan it on purpose to do family sessions this frequently but you know what, I really love it. Even though I’ve shot them so much, I feel like each session brings something new…or even if it’s not “new” it’s just more happiness and really, you can never get enough of that. I just love happy families and Renn seems the most happy when he is with his mom and dad so it all makes sense.

To catch up on my work with the Fiddlers – check out all of their other most important parts of their lives. :)


Of all the things I should have done today, this blog post wasn’t it. I was going to just post a preview but then before I knew it, 30 of my favorites were edited and blog ready. Oops. It’s so hard to stop sometimes!

He is obviously VERY happy to see me again. I think he remembers me when he hears the sound of my camera.

Favorite photos of the night! So much fun and happiness happening it’s overwhelming. 
Knowing hope, I think she will really love this one… :) 
HEY! Look at this delicious strawberry and at my GIGANTIC HAND!! hahahaa I couldn’t possibly love this photo more. 
He is starting to get his first tooth. I don’t think he is very excited about it. 
Hope said Renn gets fussy around 8:45 and surely enough, it was about 8:40 when he was making it clear he was done. He was so calm and happy the rest of the session so it was decent timing. I don’t want to torture the poor kid. We got a couple magic light shots at least. :) 

M0re of Renn to come in a couple months! :)

June 11, 2012 - 4:27 pm

Faith Van Enk - Once again, Holly, these are amazingly wonderful!

June 11, 2012 - 5:48 pm

Erin Weatherhead - Seriously some of the best family photos I have seen in a while. The swing kiss!! How perfect! (plus I love this family :))

November 19, 2012 - 7:40 pm

Magical Awesome Amazingness | - [...] with their business.  I had just missed a contest for a free photo session but was so in awe of this photo shoot that I was crying at work, jealous even more that we couldn’t have pictures like that of [...]

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