Retro Blog: 2010 Oklahoma BREAKfree Workshop: Jill

So remember last year? Yeah, I still have yet to blog a lot of what happened. Life has changed A LOT for us in the past year. A big goal of mine for this year was to be better at blogging and so far, I’m really proud of myself. I’m starting to smooth out the kinks and make it a part of my regular workflow.

I want to go back and blog about all the stuff we did last year. I think it’s important for our business to keep up with the blog but more importantly, our lives. I would really love to have this one place where the best of all our work is at. Since we have not been so great at having a life outside of work, I figure I owe it to ourselves to at least get everything in here since this has been our life. With so many photos going through our hands, it’s easy to finish a job and move right on. I really want this blog to be a place where I can look back and see everything. This winter when all of our current work is done, I plan to go back through last year and blog everything that never made it on here.

To kick things off, lets go back to our BREAKfree workshop tour for 2010. One of our models emailed me a couple days ago to ask about photos and I was so happy to hear from her! The trip was so crazy especially once we got to china and then we moved a couple times when we got back home so I lost her contact information and never got her photos to her. It was a great reminder of all the old stuff I have yet to blog so I figured it would be a great start to kicking off my retro blogs. Perhaps that’s what I shall call all of them, because they are old. :)

This was from our Oklahoma workshop. Jill was great to work with. I loved her crazy outfits and she was really easy to shoot. I had a great time in Oklahoma. We met some really nice people at the workshop. Rebecca Manney of RM photography stands out in my mind the most. Since the workshop she has gone full time in photography and her work has improved a lot! She stands out in my mind because she was the only one who could make it to dinner the night before the workshop so we got to know her a little better. Her work ethic is something I will forever remember. It’s rare to meet someone who is a hard worker these days. Someone who is fully committed to putting in the time and doing things right is just not how our culture seems to be anymore.

Photography may seem like a “super fun job” from the outside. Whenever I tell someone what I do their eyes just light up with glee and say how great that must be. First, yes, I really do love what I do. I feel extremely blessed every year when we book up our weddings knowing that I have a job again this year where I can do what I do best and can work for myself. However, It’s a TON of work and by no means a 9-5 job. It’s not all fun, a lot of it is completely boring business stuff. If I only had to do the artsy stuff, then yes, my eyes might always light up with glee as well. To run any small business requires a really good work ethic. When things stop being new is when a solid work ethic kicks in and the strong survive. It doesn’t matter what the job is like, how much it pays, ect. I will always do my very best because what I do reflects on my character and who I am. Our lowest paying jobs get just as much of me as our highest paying ones. It’s also something that does make you stand out and I really hope people see than in me as much as I saw that in her. A year later, I still remember Rebecca because of her passion towards having a good work ethic so thats certainly something.

We are retiring the BREAKfree workshops for a while and teaming up with McVay Vision this year for a new series called FORWARDworkshops. It is 3 days and is geared more towards intermediate photographers instead of just beginners. One big difference will be more focus on off camera lighting with Ryan and business and marketing with Vince. We are not the most awesome business people so we didn’t focus a lot on that before but Vince is just brilliant when it comes to that so it’s a really nice addition. I, of course, will be taking a day to go over editing, workflow and design, as usual. :) I’ll post more on this later, but the only date open for 2011 is October 3-5 so check out the website for more information.

Anyways, here’s Jill! :)

In this wind tunnel thing we brought her too, well, as you can imagine, it was FREEZING. She was such a great sport, you can’t even tell how horribly cold she was. 
Wink! hahaha

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