Sarah + Josh {married 9.20.08}

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{Wedding, iPhone(s), smores, shoes, oh my!!}

Last weekend Ryan and I had the opportunity to have a bit of relaxation and to shoot his friend Sarah Toupin’s wedding in Traverse City.

On thursday we went up to Muskegon to go to the dentist (no cavities for either of us, what are the odds?!) and to visit my mom. On the way up, I caved and decided to switch to AT&T and let Ryan get an iPhone. I have been saying we can’t afford it for a while, but verizon doesn’t work in our apartment and well…we just love gadgets. So that day we went and god new phones. I got the LG Shine and well…compared to the iPhone, it wasn’t very exciting.

Friday morning we headed up to Traverse City, I slept most of the way. :) The location of their wedding was beautiful! It was kind of indoor/outdoor because the walls were rolled up since the weather held out. Speaking of the weather, it was perfect!

We stayed in a Baymont where most everyone from the wedding seemed to stay as well. It was really nice! For the wedding before this, which I will be writing about later, we stayed at a pretty sketchy motel 6 so I just loved this place. I wish I would have taken photos. The sheets were so soft I could have stayed in bed all day!

{{For our website, I add my favorites…of the favorites that we put up a few days after the wedding on the main page of the site. I thought it would be cool to kind of “present” the new couple before there photos with something cool. This is my first one and I like it, I think I shall continue it.}}

{{Getting ready in the hotel room. The girl who did the girls hair was actually one of Ryan’s really good friends from Junior high, what are the odds. She did a great job!}}

{{I usually do most of the getting ready shots but since it was all happening in the same hotel and Ryan wasn’t doing anything he went instead of me. I was playing bejewelled on the new iPhone anyways so I was like…go ahead haha. I LOVE how the hairspray actually shows!}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{The Dress! I love how the fisheye worked with this door without making the dress look all crazy.}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{I just love how soft this is. Just because a dress doesn’t have a gigantic train doesn’t mean it can’t be just as beautiful. Love it!}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{and…finally, the bride! I know there seems to be a lot of black and white, but it just edited so beautifully that way so I couldn’t resist.}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{Ryan does a jumping shot with the guys at all our weddings and I think this could quite possibly be my favorite. The guy second from the left cracks me up!}}

{{Something I really enjoyed about this wedding is that it was not all that traditional. It was really laid back and fun. The guys all had these shoes and to me, thats just the best. Way to step outside the box!}}

{{This is one of my favorite photos of the day. She was also my favorite flower girl so far. This girl was so crazy! She was just so curious about everything around her and just seemed so full of joy…and probably sugar, haha. She was just the cutest. Ryan got this shot and I was so excited because I couldn’t get it from across the room. Another reason its good to have two photographers!!}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{I was in the back with the bride but I assume he was playing while she went down the isle.}}

{{and of course, the upshot! I think this one turned out pretty good, I really love the red brick.}}

{{Their cake topper. I didn’t edit a full photo of the cake yet, but it was pretty cool. It was a little mountain with a trail going up the side. They are very outdoorsy people so it was cool that they had a cake that fit who they are. Josh and Sarah were at our wedding and they said our cake inspired them to do something different! That makes me feel good, I live to inspire. }}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{There were a couple amazing little trees with the red leaves on them which is just perfect for the ring shot.}}

{{Ryan does the coolest stuff. They had little christmas lights over the dance floor and he thought of doing this. I love it! I learned how to do it too, so thats exciting for me.}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{They were crazy dancers! I loved watching them, wonderful for photos.}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{They had a pretty cool band play, I wish I could remember their name. They were really interesting. I liked it a lot, it was very different than most weddings}}

Josh + Sarah {{9.20.08}}

{{Smores!! What a fantastic idea! They had a table FULL of chocolates and marshmellows and a fire pit. I stashed a couple of those hershey bars in my pocket for later. :) It was cool to take photos of fire, I don’t think I have ever really done that before. I got some cool ones, but ryan didn’t pick those as a favorite. They will be on the pictage when its up though.}}

That is the end of the night for us! The day seemed to go by really fast to me but I was exhausted by the end of it! The following morning we drove around Traverse City to see what everyone always talks about and we didn’t find much mostly because we didn’t know what we were looking for, so thats too bad, haha.

We went back to muskegon and stayed at my parents again to break up the drive. I went shopping with my mom on sunday and she bought me these amazing shoes!! They can be found at TARGET I call them my mac shoes, and yes that does show what a dork I am. :)


We also got ME AN IPHONE TOO!! Ryan saw how disappointed I was by my stupid phone so I get one too, gosh I love him. So overall, it was a pretty great long weekend! We have a couple weeks until our next wedding so that will give me some time to catch up on everything and update you all with the last few weddings.

…ok on to editing backed up weddings!

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