"Spider Holster"

Just thought this would be interesting to you guys who shoot with 2 bodies is all I could see it being good for prolly not single body users… I actually thought of this a while back… I was going to use a lanyard but this is a much better idea… maybe we will get it if I find a good deal on a used 5D for a second.

May 29, 2009 - 11:25 am

eB - I think the dual R-Strap is not only more interestingly marketed (“join… the spider… revolution”) but more useful to quick changing cameras.

I’ve used the single R-Strap and like that I can drop a body and tuck it out of the way in a hurry – it’s more aligned to fast-paced photography. The extra movement means if you have to squeeze between close tables at a reception or into a narrow corridor your cameras can remain on straps rather than be unholstered.

Trying to realign a clicking post during a quiet wedding ceremony would get pretty annoying fast.

Plus… already wielding the Lowepro Bat-Utility belt to keep gear close at hand (no shootsac manpurses, thanks) I can’t see changing lenses as an easy task with this system. (It’s not that easy on the R-Strap versus the neck strap that keeps the camera out in front of me for a quick change.)

Thanks for the update though, I’d love to hear from people who have used this a few times too.

June 5, 2009 - 2:46 pm

Jennifer Buehrer - Lol… I would probably miss the holster and drop my camera. Or my camera would pull my pants down.. I am sure it would work great though… it’s just those to situations. Awesome.

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