…the days before we were theGAUPERS…

Both Ryan and I have facebook the little facebook app that counts down to your wedding day and then after it tells you how many days you have been married. I noticed yesterday that it was 800 days.

The photo above is the very first picture of us together. Lucky us it just happened to not be taken on a point and shoot but was shot at a wedding by amy malone who also did our engagement pictures. The 800 days started to make me think about us in the past few years and I remembered this picture happening but we never got a copy. So I contacted her yesterday and asked on the off chance she still had it three years later. Well my goodness, what an organized woman because here it is!

Then I got to thinking and we didn’t really know each other that long before getting married so I thought I would look some dates up and relive the story of how the gaupers came to be. :)

Our first date was july 13th 2007 which is 1,131  Days (161  Weeks and  4  Days)

I can’t remember the exact date we met. I felt like it was the week before our first date, I think it might have been july 6th since I know it was a weekday. Ryan had invited me along to a redsox game in detroit. Granted, if you look from the outside in it probably wasn’t the most wise idea for me to drive from muskegon to kalamazoo to meet up with 3 guys I didn’t know, get in their car and go to detroit and not return until really late that night. Yes, my parents were probably a little more than worried. However, I just had a feeling about Ryan and look how all that turned out! I never dated much and honestly, didn’t really interact with guys much at all. I saw all the nonsense everyone else went through dating around and just wanted none of it. Ryan always felt different though. The day of the game I had my kayaking class and of course, I had to step into it wrong and fall in the water. I was the only one to do that all summer. I am obviously a very graceful woman. So I had to rush back home and change and still try to make it to kalamazoo in time to meet them. I swear I must have been driving 95 mph the whole way there.

When I got there my keys wouldn’t come out of my ignition (which happened all the time) so I was in my car violently shaking the wheel trying to get them out. From their view, I’m sure they all thought I was crazy. I’m pretty awesome at first impressions. Ryan was pretty quiet on the way to detroit. I didn’t realize at the time that he is always quiet and forever will be quiet, haha. His friend Steve and his dad were also there and they are both very chatty people so I talked to them more than Ryan during the 2 hour ride there.

At the baseball game (which was the first one of my life) I knew nothing. Well, to be honest, I still know nothing even though I’ve been to many at this point. :) But it was a fun day either way. Ryan talked to me a lot more on the drive back, I assume because steve was sleeping. Although he will probably never believe me, I left my sunglasses in the van by accident so a few days later, Ryan made the trip up to muskegon to return them to me. That night he met my parents, had dinner with us and stayed until 2am (which was real weird in my world then…people just don’t do that) By now, he was much more chatty…but still did more listening than talking. Our life is no different now. He says I don’t have enough filters and I say he has too many. Stalemate.

After all that, we talked on the phone for a couple hours and then I realized I had to go and was ending the conversation. He had apparently planned on ending it by asking me out on a legit date and I ruined that. So he frantically tried to still do that and it was very very awkward. I think we both left that conversation wondering what had actually just happened. He later clarified via aim. :)

…and that brings us to July 13th. We met in grand rapids and went to applebees for dinner and saw transformers. I left that night knowing he was different and praying that if he was right for me that God make that REALLY obvious at some point. I just knew that I liked him a lot and was trying not to get my hopes up but lets just be honest, I secretly had lots of hopes.

I believe it was the weekend of November 15th 2007 that he first said he loved me. This is also the same weekend he talked to me about marriage. Whoa now buddy.

That weekend he was visiting me at Cedarville and  just mentioned/asked about getting married. He told me it would have to be early that next summer or the following year, which was really far away. I immediately thought my parents would freak out if we got married so soon but then was like…ok :) If my memory is correct, it was all kind of fact, not so much a question. No worries of if we should get married or anything, it was so matter of fact like even though it was the first time marriage had been mentioned. 3 months after that conversation we were engaged. When it’s right. It’s just right.

Got Engaged on February 15th 2008 which was 217  Days (31  Weeks) from our first date.

Ryan’s mom was leaving for China in August so we had to get married before then or we would have to wait another year and frankly, that just wasn’t happening. So we picked june 7th, 2008. We had 113  Days (16  Weeks) till the wedding which didn’t seem like enough time for anything. David Tutera may be able to plan a wedding in 3 weeks on TV with his unlimited budgets and pure awesomeness, but I could not. Mostly, I just wanted to be married to Ryan. If I could go back and do it all over again, we would have gone simple simple simple and then had a “real” wedding later so we could have time to plan it and enjoy the planning process.

After we got back from our honeymoon it was all crazy, all the time. We have not slowed down much but we are trying. In roughly the past 1,153  Days (164  Weeks) since we first talked we have been through everything together. It’s so weird for me to think it hasn’t been that long, but feels like forever. I feel older than I am and am shocked to think I’m already 25 but still confused at how much we have done in only 3 years. We are really trying to get ahold of things and be more organized with our life. To settle down a little and make time to enjoy life instead of always trying to catch up with it. We are great at our jobs, it’s just a little harder to be great at life sometimes too.

We don’t have a ton of photos of us, but I thought I would share some of the ones we have. They are all pretty random, but are some of my favorites out of the few we have.

IMPORTANT note before viewing the gallery of photos. Some of these photos are just normal people photos. Don’t judge my editing skills because frankly, some are just not edited at all. Yeah! Bring on the jpegs straight out of camera! …..but some good ones in there too. Like I said, we don’t have much and some oldies we did have I can’t seem to find. Bummer. Note to self: take more pictures of me and ryan…even craptastic iphone ones. :)

August 17, 2010 - 2:29 pm

kerry - Hi! i really enjoyed reading this post. i went to YWAM with Ryan back in 2006 and its always cool so see where life takes people and it was neat to get a glimpse of your relationship together!
thanks for sharing!
Kerry Mullett

August 18, 2010 - 4:32 am

katie - love this post. you guys are the perfect couple – meant to be for sure :)

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