Alright everyone… You know what time it is! Time to give us all your moneys for all our stuff =) We don’t have as much as last year but some decent stuff none the less.

Let’s start with the big ticket item… a 17″ Macbook Pro we just got around Christmas. It is very lightly used as we only use it for travel since we have our iMac and MacPro workhorses. As you can see near the power button, there is one tiny little ding, but other then that theres a couple scratches on the bottom that I had a very hard time photographing, so they are obviously very minimal. Have a look!

This is a pretty tricked out model with the dual core 2.8GHz and a 500GB hard drive, it comes with apple care, and iWork 09. I will completely reformat this baby before you get it so you will have a basically brand new machine. If you try to get a model like this with everything it has you are looking at about $2,947.00 from Apple. We are selling this for $2,400 to the first good home so get it while it’s hot!

(SOLD) Next is a lens I just got from Lauren Clark which is a Canon 200mm f/2.8L. The lens is used a little bit from which you can see from the front casing paint chips… We originally got this lens to gain a little more reach which we were in China, but back how we do things around here, we don’t have much need for such a telephoto lens. I can assure you it is a very sound, sharp and contrasty lens. Quick focus just like new…Everything works very well and is a great alternative to a 70-200mm since it’s a quarter of the cost and half the weight and size! We got this lens for $550 from Lauren so we are just asking the same. Great deal since a new one is $769!

Next is our old workhorse Lowepro camera bag! It is a Commercial AW (all weather) and it can carry quite the load of stuff. Also the little zipper in the back houses a waterproof cover that comes out pretty easy. It has lots of those little velcro inserts that you can customize the bag with… and you can see how many lenses will fit in just the main pouch… It will also fit into an overhead bin for flight, but if they get crazy you may have to take off the removable side pouches. This bag retails new for $320, but we are asking $150. It is still in great shape, no tears or defects. There is storage around every turn with this bag!

Next is a pair of Canon CP-E4 Compact battery packs.

They are pretty self explanatory, you stick 8 AA batteries in there, attach it to a 580 EX, and you recycle time goes from 4 seconds to 1 with a full power discharge. We are selling these because we upgraded our flash system to a plug in unit. These will NOT work with 430 EXs as far as I know, since they dont have the plug. These are being sold retail for $150 … They are basically brand new, used a few times until we needed some more power! So we will let these go for $125 each. If you buy them both I will ship them for free.

Next is a brand new 24×36 ALZO Softbox that I got for the 580s before we upgraded. I was looking for a portable soft-box, which technically it is, but it still takes a little too long to set up when you are driving to a few different places on a shoot… This would be great for someone who can stay in one location or use it in house or at a studio. Retails new for $112, but I can sell this one for $90.

(SOLD)This is Apples bluetooth keyboard which works perfectly fine, I just never got around to selling it … Retails for $69 but I will give it up for $50. Basically brand new, hardly used.

Last and maybe least =) My grandpa’s old film camera! I told him I would see if anyone would take it off his hands so here it is. Obviously not super new but I know my grandpa takes good care of things as his 1991 Lexus looks literally brand new with 72,ooo miles on it! I would really like to sell this all together so it comes with a 28-85mm and 70-210mm lenses, both auto focus and in excellent condition never use without a UV filter (which is included) The only thing i wanted to mention was the duct tape over a small part of the hand grip, which has some cracked plastic under it, but is purely cosmetic. I am asking $150 for everything and as you can see you get a lot!

That’s it for now, all items will obviously have some shipping costs added on so just contact me and I will let you know! Thanks guys!!

July 17, 2010 - 10:37 am

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