Trump Tower in Vegas :: Best Hotel Ever!

After pheonix we headed to vegas for a couple days. We stayed at the trump tower and oh my goodness was it nice. Neither of us has ever stayed at a 5 star hotel before so we were pretty excited about it.

When we walked into the lobby it smelled amazing, was clean and shiny and had giant crystal chandeliers hanging everywhere. I was in hotel heaven. When we got to the room, I was glowing with excitement. I couldn’t stop my face from smiling because it was all so clean and nice. We usually stay in fairly decent hotels, but nothing ever that nice and clean. Because it’s vegas, we got it for about $100 a night!

The whole hotel is also non smoking which just made me fall in love with the place even more. “Non-Smoking Rooms” are never untouched by smoke. Smoking just creeps it’s way into every nook it can find so when they told me the whole building was non-smoking, I pretty much decided to live there forever.

It was slightly around the corner off the strip so it was quiet and great in every possible way. I enjoyed every moment there.

Our first two days in vegas we walked the strip, had some AMAZING BBQ at the harley davidson restaurant and just relaxed and did the Reekie Shoot. We had to go to LA for a couple days but decided to head back to vegas for a couple more days to be able to go to at least the trade show at WPPI. Naturally, we went back to the trump hotel and had a couple more nights of bliss. We thought about staying at the MGM for the second trip there but when we found out Trump is the only non smoking place, I knew it was the place for us to relax before leaving for China. :)

I have to say, the bathroom might have been…ok, it was by far my favorite part of the room. That may seem weird to say, but there was a TV inside the mirror! INSIDE! The shower and toilet were also separated by their own doors and the bathtub was the deepest tub I have ever seen. It was basically amazing in every way.

April 21, 2010 - 3:31 pm

Kylie Batt - Я считаю, что Вы не правы. Давайте обсудим. Пишите мне в PM, поговорим….

After pheonix we headed to vegas for a couple days. We stayed at the trump tower and oh my goodness was it nice…..

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