Vote on your favorite wedding album!

I am trying to narrow things down to my favorites of the year and I’m having a rough time! I am planning to get my favorite album printed as a sample and it’s just so hard to choose.

I am just too close to my work and can’t be objective anymore. This is the first year I designed albums and I’ve really enjoyed it, it’s probably one of my favorite things to do these days. I just think it pulls the wedding together in the most wonderful way. I can’t imagine doing a wedding without having a book go with it anymore.

These are my favorite 4 albums of the year but just can’t narrow it down anymore. I lean towards hope and evan personally but I love the other albums so much too! So I was hoping to get votes or opinions from you people!

Hope + Evan

As a bonus to their album design, have you seen her reaction to it? :)

Leah + Nate:

Angela + Brandon

Stephanie + Art

Thanks Everyone! I appreciate your time and thoughts! :)


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